Love Your Creative Space Blog Tour with Lilo Bowman

Today I’m excited to tell you about a fabulous new book, from my friend Lilo Bowman.

Lilo Bowman

Lilo Bowman

Love Your Creative Space: A Visual Guide to Creating an Inspiring & Organized Studio Without Breaking the Bank is Lilo’s new title from C&T Publishing. It’s full of ideas, solutions, and creative ways to set aside and love your personal space for making.

Love Your Creative Space book

Click here to buy Love Your Creative Space on Amazon. 

So backing up a little, I first met Lilo when I was a guest on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. She’s used to working behind the scenes as a producer for the show but now I’m excited for her to be the star of the show with her new book and blog tour.

The Quilt Show Set

Click here to see the trailer for my Quilt Show episode.
Lilo helped keep me organized and ready to roll on filming day!

Love Your Creative Space is divided into My Stuff (we all have it!), My Space (tiny or large) and My System. It addresses the common needs of needlecrafters, but also covers many less common topics.
Love Your Creative Space
For example, how do you stay organized when you head out for a class or a retreat? How can or should your space be altered when life itself changes because of a move, an illness or just getting older? There are many ideas and suggestions, along with questions to help you analyze your own stuff, space and system.
I especially enjoyed the gallery of artist studios. One space has been adapted for its owner’s special needs after a stroke left her with partial paralysis. One space is especially compact. A third artist requires both dry and wet work spaces!
If you work in more than one medium, you’ll find ideas to organize, separate and combine your supplies. The book’s photography might even inspire you to try something new!
Love Your Creative Space
This book recognizes that budgets for creative spaces come in all sizes, and Lilo gives helpful advice for saving, economizing and reimagining or repurposing. It’s clear that she wants makers to love and enjoy their spaces regardless of the size or financial constraints. That’s a win!

It’s a Giveaway!

This week’s blog tour includes a giveaway of the ebook Love Your Creative Space: A Visual Guide to Creating an Inspiring & Organized Studio Without Breaking the Bank. For your chance to win, leave a comment here by Tuesday, June 30. Tell me what kind of space you’d like to plan, or how you’d improve your current space.

There are other great stops on the blog tour. I hope you’ll follow these folks and check out their posts for more insight into Love Your Creative Space by Lilo Bowman.

The Love Your Creative Space Blog Tour:

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Tuesday, June 30:

Be sure to follow the entire tour for much more inspiration around creative spaces large and small!

132 thoughts on “Love Your Creative Space Blog Tour with Lilo Bowman

  1. Becky Weimer says:

    I have absorbed three relatives’ sewing rooms into mine and stuff is everywhere! I have one usable wall and mostly windows. I need to see how to use my space effectively! Thank you for writing this book for us.

  2. Debbie P says:

    .I currently use my dining room as my sewing space and it is a constant set up & take down which is nerve wracking. The basement is currently my storage space but perhaps with good lighting it could be transformed into a comfortable, usable sewing studio.. I would love to organize all the boxes, bins and loose supplies into a manageable situation. Looking forward to reading Lilo’s book to form a plan.

  3. says:

    Currently, moving into my new space… and back to a cobbled-together space… instead of a nice neat more coordinated area, because I have already waited a year, with all the other moving stuff… impatient!!!

  4. Susan E. says:

    My space is overloaded and a mess. It does nothing for my creativity. Time to pitch and organize. This book has come at just the right time.

  5. Tamara Carlisle says:

    I have the 2 smaller bedrooms in my house. I just swapped the rooms so my LA is in the room with the better natural light. Now I am trying to figure out where to put stuff. One room has a twin bed for grandkids to spend the night but it piled full and you cant even see the mattress 😦 I really need ideas on how to neaten things up.

  6. Chris Smith says:

    I have an extra bedroom as a sewing/quilting room. It is bulging with Fabric and UFOs! I need to get more organized. Looking forward to this book tour.

  7. Rita Anne Hope-Haverman says:

    I have the smallest room in the house as my quilt studio. I try to limit my purchases of fabric since I have sort of run out of room to store it. Any help to go more vertical would be helpful. Thank you for this giveaway.

  8. Mary Newcomb says:

    My sewing space is also a guest room (and currently my computer is in residence). Needing some ways to make it useful and inviting (guests are young so the space also has to be safe for them).

  9. Jackie Murray says:

    I am having to move due to health issues and am having difficulty parting or deciding what I will take to my new place, this book sounds like it will really help.

  10. Brit Schjelderup says:

    I recently bought a longarm machine and now there is stuff everywhere in my sewing room, but there is no system so I spend a lot of time searching for what I need. It is definitely time to re-think and re-organize!

  11. Judy Gilmore says:

    Hi, This sounds like the inspiration I need to reclaim my quilting space. It is nice and roomy, but I have too much and it seems to be paralizing in a way. The few images I’ve seen in the posts are already motivating me to make some decisions about what needs to find a new home. Thanks for the push.

  12. Laura M says:

    I have a dedicated room, but I’d like to move out some of the extraneous materials so it is less cluttered. I am thinking on it.

  13. Donita Shipman says:

    I have recently had to move my sewing room from the main floor to the basement. All my stuff is still boxed up and I desperately need inspiration to set up my new space.

  14. Laurie C says:

    I need to organize my scraps – sort by color and size, etc.- just overwhelmed, and making string quilts hasn’t made a dent in them yet!

  15. JoAnne Scharn says:

    I have a small room for my quilting and thus I try to stay organized. I’ve implemented various storage ideas, but still the room is small. Thus what I really, really need is a larger room 🙂

  16. Debra Nicklaus says:

    I have a nice size room and I would like to create a comfy space to hand quilt or take a nap. I would like my space to more restful and less chaotic. I can’t wait to see all of the ideas.

  17. Debbie says:

    I actually have a decent sized space of my own, but one would never know. There is all kinds of junk piled up from years of ‘hoarding’, so first it needs to be cleaned up!

  18. Catherine Simmons says:

    I have a new she shed – studio that I dearly love. I’m sure there are a lot of tips I can use to improve my use of my space!

  19. Amelia A Godissart says:

    My sewing, quilting and embroidery hobbies have taken over my house. I started out with everything in one room and then purchased a larger embroidery machine AND a longarm machine. Did I mention I also collect vintage sewing machines? I need better organization ideas as I move my embroidery into a separate room from the sewing & quilting. This book has come along at the perfect time!

  20. Jean McConaughy says:

    I have fabric yardage and tons of scraps randomly in plastic totes, bags, whatever. I’d like a system to organize it all that is easy to access.

  21. Michelle Turkette says:

    I moved in October 2018 to a smaller home with a walk out basement that I am using part of for storing my fabric and machines. I haven’t felt creative in so long because it’s a jumbled mess of tubs and bags and boxes. I need ideas that don’t break the bank and a better organization system.

  22. Julie Kennedy says:

    I have a good-sized sewing room, but I could use some ideas on how to get it better organized. The piles and projects are taking over!

  23. Polly Lushbottom says:

    In my fantasy I live alone (sans grumpy teenage boys) and have my art and quilting stuff in the lounge or living room. I have no TV cos I want my living space to reflect how I want to live… with art and stitching central. I have excellent lighting. Everything has it’s own place and I know where everything is ….. such are my crafting/arting dreams. Oh and Cloth, Paper, Scissors comes back and never dies again.

  24. Agneta Ekholm says:

    As my kids got older and needed their own rooms in our small townhouse, my creative space has gone from a very large room, to a smaller room and is now in part of the hallway, Stash and stuff did grow over the years – more stuff, smaller space – which makes the equation even harder so I really could use some tips on how to organize everything without needing to use the livingroom and kitchen while being creative. I think I actually need to either move (will not happen) or have my kuds share room again (asking for a disaster) so a helpful book on the subject must be the best choice for me.

  25. Michele says:

    Like most, I need to refine storage (some is great, but the overflow, not so much) and figure out how to have a wet studio space.

  26. Mandy Laseter says:

    I have bins and totes and shoeboxes and baskets etc. of fabrics. I really wish I had a simple, unified storage system for my fabrics.

  27. Rhonda Snow says:

    In the past, I’ve just moved my sewing machine around wherever I could find a spot–either the kitchen or dining table or even the kitchen counter. Now, I have an extra bedroom I’m trying to turn into a sewing room. I’m using an old table for a cutting table and another table for my sewing machine. I’m using an old chest of drawers for storage space. Although I would consider myself an advanced beginner, I don’t have much of a stash. I’m working on that, and I want to keep everything organized as I go. I’m excited about this book. It’s very timely for me!

  28. Dianna says:

    I’m so excited to see you connecting with this activity. We just moved, so I’ve been making all those decisions involved in setting up my creative space. I must get this part of the house in order, because using it soothes my soul so I can get the rest of the house in order.

  29. Robyn says:

    I sew in the living area downstairs but store my things in a bedroom with super high windows upstairs and also under the stairs. Needless to say my dining table and couch always have sewing stuff surrounding them. Perhaps a new house might be an option.

  30. Nancy Green says:

    I have my own room for my knitting and quilting but with a longarm and 5 machines, I have definitely run out of space. Will consider any and all ideas!

  31. Ashley says:

    I love organization books! I’d like to go through my area and make spaces. I tend to just stash things where they fit so maybe if I can get like things near like it’ll work out better.

  32. Sandi says:

    I’ve been trying to organize my sewing room for a long time and I think I just have too much stuff. Not sure what I can do though. I have two cupboards where I store fabric and my fat quarters are in plastic sweater boxes that are under a bed in another room. My books are also in another room. I will have to check out this book and hopefully get some ideas.

  33. JoAnne Hawks says:

    I have a large space, but too much clutter. I recently moved some things out and it is much better. One problem that I have is a lack of available wall space. Just no space to utilize that verticle storage.

  34. Julie Young says:

    I need to refine my storage system and refine and purge what I have. Also need to read the chapter on a cleaning schedule. I think that’s the step I keep skipping!

  35. Rosie Westerhold says:

    I need to re-organize my space. It is fairly LARGE (original footprint of the building is 24’ x 30’), I have to leave a walkway through the center to get from one door to the door on the opposite to have access from back yard to driveway. THAT is a major pain because I can’t put things in the center of the room. And the “path” seems to be getting smaller and smaller because of all the “stuff” I have accumulated since I first moved in to that area in 2004 when I got my first longarm. Amazing how that happens, right?

  36. Susan Stanton says:

    I need a better way to store my fabric stash! It’s in plastic binds and a pain to pull out and pick fabric! Agh!!!

  37. Sandra B says:

    I have a small area for sewing/quilting so it is a must that it stay as organized as possible to make the best use of every inch of space. This book looks like it could be a great resource!

  38. Lee Ann says:

    I’m fortunate to have a small room dedicated to quilting, but I could use some good, new ideas for organization. The room is long & narrow so only 1 place to actually put my machine. This book tour looks fabulous!

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