My Christmas Wish Came True – Check out My New Christa Cabinet from Arrow Sewing!

Do you remember nearly 2 years ago when I lamented in a previous blog post that I couldn’t find the *perfect* sewing table? Well I’m happy to announce that my dream finally came true!! Meet the “Christa Cabinet” – the perfect table that I designed in conjunction with Arrow Sewing.

The Christa Cabinet – Coming Soon from Arrow Sewing!

Now before we get too far, I must tell you that as of this writing (November, 2021) the table won’t be available to purchase until May of 2022. But I can’t hold a secret that long so I wanted give you a sneak peek soon as I could!!

The Christa Cabinet Arrives May 2022

The Christa Cabinet has a drop in table that can fit most large sewing machines. I took some unofficial measurements with my measuring tape, but final ones will be out soon. Here’s the specs so far:

  • 56″ wide plus an extra 16″ on the right with extended leaf
  • 22″ deep + 18″ with back extension plus 14″ with front drawer extension.
  • Sewing machine cutout is 24″ x 13.” It fits my BERNINA 770 perfectly!
  • 29″ high with locking casters
  • Adjustable manual table lift
  • Acrylic insert add-on is customizable to fit your machine
  • An optional pair of “quilt block” stoppers attach to the back or side to keep the quilt from falling off the edge of the table. These are completely my own invention!
The Christa Cabinet in action – It will help you become a better machine quilter!

I cannot tell you how excited I’ve been to test out this table/cabinet over the last few months. It works beautifully to hold up the weight of the quilt! The Christa Cabinet will be available through all Arrow Cabinet distributors, and if there’s enough interest, I’m considering drop-shipping it myself, which means I order for you and then Arrow sends it directly to your home. You just pay the MSRP (or less when it goes on sale) plus shipping.

Video Unboxing of the Christa Cabinet Sewing Table

When my cabinet arrived earlier this year, I had fun filming the unboxing. It came with white glove delivery service from FedEx – which I didn’t even know what a thing. All I thought when they were carrying it up my stairs was, “Pivot!! Pivot!!!”

Click here, or the image above to see the unboxing video on my YouTube channel.

Let’s Get Real about the Numbers

Right now the estimated MSRP is coming in around $1500 which is a fantastic price for this level of table! After doing tons of research on all of the current tables out there, I really wanted to make this one affordable. Just to compare, the table I had been using prior to this which did NOT have all the upgrades cost me around $800 waaaaay back in 1995! The current high end tables on the market now go for about $3-$6k. [Insert eyes popping out of head emoji here!!] That’s way out of my price range and I figured it was way out of most quilters’ reach, too. After all – wouldn’t you rather spend that kind of money on the machine itself??

So leave me a comment if you think you may be interested in getting this cabinet. As it gets closer to launch date I’ll share more details. I can’t wait!!

30 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish Came True – Check out My New Christa Cabinet from Arrow Sewing!

  1. Dawn says:

    Signed up to receive more information about this table! I’m currently using an inexpensive sewing cabinet that I eventually had my husband modify so I could have my sewing machine level with the top of the cabinet. It’s done it’s basic job, but for FMQing I have to pull out various tables to place behind and to the left of the cabinet. Any time I have looked for another cabinet/table, the costs have been far to high. This looks wonderful!!

  2. Sandra says:

    Definitely going on my fantasy sewing room list. Still waiting for an adult child to leave, but may have to give up my study.

  3. Barb Seely says:

    I would love to recieve more information on your cabinet. I need something that will hold the weight of the quilt as my back is not good.

  4. Rachelle Dries says:

    This looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for. Do I have to wait til May! ?! My kitchen table just isn’t working anymore. Thank you for developing such a well thought product. I simply can’t wait

  5. Laura J Morine says:

    I need to do some measuring to see if it fits in my space. Love the price point and the simplicity of the table and yet meets the need.

  6. Glenna C. Denman says:

    You’ve thought of everything! I don’t have room in my current studio for this, but in my dream studio, it is just what I would have, so I will keep it in mind.

  7. Caryn S says:

    I am interested. It looks like it might be just the right table. I have a 740. Will be interesting in cost of insert and quilt blocks.

  8. artisticsharon says:

    I’m definitely interested! I’ve been searching for a new table for a couple of years (I’m still using a folding table 😦 ). I’ve been patiently waiting to see what you found and this table looks like it’s just what I want!!

  9. Karen says:

    It’s gorgeous and the price is fantastic. I just need to measure my Janome M7. If the measurements fit, I’m going to give myself a birthday present next spring. Good job!

  10. Debi Vanden Heuvel says:

    It might be a little tight for an 880. I have mine in a 25″ opening. Having the insert be stable is really the issue.

  11. Debi Vanden Heuvel says:

    This looks awesome! Ave a nice price point! Would the quilt block stoppers be available separately? They look like they might fit my current table.

  12. Janeen Honsey says:

    I have been ” shopping” for a cabinet for several years but just couldn’t find what I wanted at a price I could agree with. I think you have hit it out of the park! Please keep me updated as I am very interested!

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