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I’ve excited to share that I’ve just purchased the domain name ChristaQuilts.TV where you can watch all of my quilting videos on YouTube. This has been a long time coming and I’m thrilled to share new tutorials with you each and every Friday. They’ll drop around 7 AM Pacific Time, so that you’ll have new projects & techniques to work on each weekend!

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My plan is for each of these weekly videos to be about 20 minutes in length. That’s long enough to share my techniques, but not too long that you get bored with watching (hopefully not, anyway!!)

Get the Hashtags Quilt Kit

Click here to view all of my custom quilt kits.

If you want to make the quilt exactly as shown above, click here to get the Hashtags quilt kit while supplies last. I’m using my original Bling quilt pattern with a new layout and enhanced pattern notes that are included.

In my latest video, I show you exactly how I made a walking foot quilting plan to quilt this incredibly dynamic, modern stitching design above, called shattered lines. This is one of the quilting motifs from my book 99 Machine Quilting designs and I was thrilled to actually quilt it on a real, full sized quilt.

One of the tips I like to share in my books, videos and workshops is that the MORE you quilt a quilt, the less you’ll see the individual stitches and that’s totally the case with this quilt.

I was able to use a ton of leftovers on the back of my Hashtags quilt. I combined scraps from the front along with some odd sized pieces of my Black, White & Bright fabric to create this secondary composition on the back. Here’s a bonus tip: put larger chunks of fabric around the edges, because those will get trimmed up the most!

Photo by Susanne Shultis Photography

I’m really pleased with how my quilt turned out and it’s oh, so cuddly! I hope you’ll consider making one, too. If you do, please tag me on social media @christaquilts and #blingquilt so I can see what you are up to!

2 thoughts on “Subscribe to ChristaQuilts.TV for New Video Tutorials Each Friday!

  1. artisticsharon says:

    Hi Christa, your new video channel sounds interesting however I’m not able to view the video you linked above – it says its marked private. Love the hashtag quilt too!!

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