New Video Tutorial: Make My Hashtags Quilt from Start to Finish

Click the image below to play my latest quilting video tutorial showing how to make my Bling/Hashtags quilt from start to finish including piecing, basting, machine quilting, AND machine binding.

In the video, I show you how to quilt this this fun, foolproof quilting design below, called “Shattered Lines.” You can quilt it with your walking foot or dual feed system, and the best part is, there’s no wrong way to do it!

The quilting motif shown above is originally from my book, 99 Machine Quilting Designs. In the book I walk through how to quilt it on a smaller practice sample. But as you can see, it looks amazing when applied to a real, full sized quilt!

99 Machine Quilting Designs

Click here to grab your signed copy of 99 Machine Quilting Designs. It comes sprinkled with (invisible) quilting pixie dust which is guaranteed to make you a better quilter!

My Bling quilt pattern shown below comes in 3 sizes, with 5 different layouts to choose from, so you really can make this quilt uniquely your own!

Bling Quilt Pattern by Christa Watson

Isn’t it fun to see how different a quilt can look, just by using different fabrics and rotating the blocks? I used my Black, White & Bright collection from Benartex to make the Hashtags version, but it will look fabulous in any fabrics you choose, as long as you have good contrast. You can make it coordinated or scrappy, the choice is up to you!

My absolute favorite way to make a pieced backing these days is to combine leftovers in coordinating colors. Sometimes I’ll use the exact same fabrics as the front; other times I’ll use up larger chunks from my scrap bin. Because I love using my quilts, I enjoy having fun textures to look at on both sides!

I’m excited to post more of these “making of” videos each week, so stay tuned. And please let me know what you’d love to see more of!

Click here to grab the Bling/Hashtags quilt kit, while supplies last.

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