My Christa Cabinet Is Here – Find out How You Can Get One!

Well, this dream has been a long time coming. My Christa Cabinet that I designed in conjunction with Arrow Sewing is now in production, and will start shipping to dealers and consumers in May, 2022.

Christa’s Cabinet Specs

In this post I want to give you the basic details: beauty shots, pics etc. Then stay tuned for another email where I share more of the behind the scenes of how we developed it and launched it into the world. So here are the official measurements that I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting:

  • Cabinet fully open, will all leaves extended: 71 5/8″ W x 40″ D x 29 3/8″ H
  • Cabinet closed with side leaf down: 56 1/2″ W x 22 5/8″ D x 29 3/8″ H
  • Quilt leaf (back extension): 55 3/4″ x W x 18 1/4″ D
  • Right side leaf for notions and stuff: 15 3/4″ W x 19 5/8″ D
  • Lift opening (table top cutout): 23 3/4″ x 12 1/2″ D
  • Drawer (open or closed on left): 18 3/4″ x 15″ D x 3 1/2″ H
  • Cover for drawer (extra table space): 22 3/4″ x 14 3/8 D
When not in use, you can tuck the drawer cover into the bottom back of the cabinet and everything else folds down. So It doesn’t take up too much room if you are short on space. However, in my sewing room I leave it up and open the entire time.

It fits my BERNINA 770QE perfectly and will accommodate about 98% of the machines on the market. That’s basically all but the biggest machines. So measure the width of your machine from end to end and then compare it with the cutout measurement above to see if it will fit.

I designed this table especially for domestic machine quilters like myself who need room to hold the quilt and supplies (scissors, thread, snacks etc) so that it’s very comfortable while you stitch. It has room to hold the weight and bulk of the quilt in all the right places.

Machines that will Fit

This is not an exhaustive list, but it includes most of the current machines on the market that will fit. But be sure to measure your machine to be sure. The opening is the M7 size.

Bonus – Christa’s Quilt Blocks

But really, the magic of this table, and any cabinet for that matter, is being able to keep the quilt from sliding off the ends of the table, especially if it’s not pushed up against a wall. My quilt blocks are like guardrails for your quilt and hold everything in place to prevent friction and drag on the quilt. The number one machine quilting tip I share in my classes is to make sure that the immediate area you are stitching is flat and moves freely. This makes machine quilting such a joy and it’s all about moving your quilt smoothly under the machine.

Sneak peek of another project I’m working on… coming soon!

When I first got my table to test drive several months ago, I used one set of quilt blocks (2 pieces total). However, I quickly found that it worked best to set up 4 of the blocks along the back AND side edges for complete coverage. In the picture above, I was showing it at a local trade show (more about that later) and I loved having all 4 blocks attached to the table at once!

So the best thing about Christa’s Quilt Blocks is that they will actually fit on any sewing table! Isn’t that great??

One set of quilt clocks includes 2 boards and 2 clamps that easily attach precisely where you want them. Here’s a better detail image of how they attach:

Once you screw the boards into the clamp, you attach the clamps to the table and they are very secure!

Where/How to Buy

So the Christa Cabinet is available to order starting in May. Christa’s Quilt Blocks are an add on purchase and are also available separately if you already have another table or cabinet. They are in production now and will be here roughly mid to late June.

You can also order a custom insert made to fit your sewing machine, and that will arrive separately as well. I’ll help you through the entire process if you choose to get it from me, but you can also head to your local Arrow dealer if you have one nearby.

You can add a custom acrylic insert to your order, made specifically to fit your machine.

I know you all are very interested in the price and I’m still working out final details. Because of something called MAP (minimum advertised pricing), I must sell it the at the publicly listed retail price. However, I can offer some incentives via email, so please shoot me an email for details:

Because I do not have a physical brick and mortar shop, when you order from me, the cabinet will come fully assembled and the delivery guys will even bring it into your home and set it up. It’s an amazing service that is bundled into the price I’ll be offering. Press play below to see a quick video I made a few months ago, once my cabinet was delivered:

Isn’t that great? Ok, who else kept wanting to yell, “pivot!!” when they were climbing up the stairs??? LOL!!

I don’t do any embroidery but a friend of mine does. She came over to sew with me recently and check out my cabinet. She was thrilled with the fact that the table top is large enough to accommodate her embroidery system.

Like any part of your sewing setup, this is definitely an investment, but I wanted to keep it affordable. One of the ways to do that was by offering a manual lift (instead of hydraulic) and keeping the bells and whistles to a minimum. But I can tell you from experience, this is the perfect table for those who wish to quilt on a home sewing machine like I do. All of my recent videos I’ve been sharing, plus all of the quilts I’ve made over the last 6 months have been stitched on this cabinet and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!

Questions? Just Ask!

Please feel free to ask me ANY questions you have about my cabinet or quilt blocks. and I’ll do my best to answer.

My table with 2 quilt blocks attached near the corners

Here are answers to a couple other questions I’ve gotten recently: yes, you can remove your bobbin while the table is lowered to flat-bed position. And YES, you can still use your knee lift if you have one. You just need to specify that when you purchase your custom insert.

I sure hope you enjoy this cabinet as much as I do. It’s been a game changer for sure!

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