New Videos: Learn to Quilt with My New Book!

Have you ordered your signed copy of my new book, How do I Quilt It? I recently made two short promotional videos to help spread the love far and wide!

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The first video below gives a virtual trunk show of all 9 quilts in the book. I’ve made the same 3 quilts 3 different ways with 3 different quilting plans for each one. Dive into machine quilting by first quilting a simple walking foot quilting plan that’s waaay more exciting than just stitch in the ditch.

Once you are comfortable, try some easy edge to edge free-motion designs. Then level up your skills by applying both walking foot AND free-motion techniques to create a custom quilting plan that’s unique to each quilt you make!

Click below to see all of the colorful quilts:

Take your quilting to the next level by learning how to make a quilting plan and break down the process, step by step. Click the image below to watch my short video with some behind the scenes footage of me quilting 2 of the quilts in the book. You can apply these techniques to ANY quilt in your UFO pile!

I also included a bonus section on basting, plus several of my tried and true techniques for piecing your quilt so that’s it’s flat and square. A nice, flat quilt is sooooo much easier to push through your machine!

Learn how to prep your quilt top, baste your quilt, AND make a quilting plan in my new book! Remember, I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way. If you already have my book and are learning my tips and techniques, let me know – I’d love to see your progress!!

You can leave a comment, OR join my ChristaQuilts Facebook group to ask questions and share your work. Happy quilting, friends!!!

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