Christa’s Quilt Cabinet & Quilt Blocks Are Here

It has been such a busy summer that I’ve been having a hard time sharing the latest and greatest. I was gone most of July plus a week in June & August. It was a whirlwind of activity which I’ll share more about soon, but in the meantime, I’m excited to announce that my Quilt Block accessory is now in stock!! These are like guardrails for your quilt that keep it from falling off the edge of your sewing table.

The good news is that they will fit onto any sewing table or cabinet with an edge to clamp onto that’s less than 3/4″ of an inch thick. When I first debuted my table & quilt blocks at a trade show earlier this year, I didn’t realize what a huge response I’d get to them. I was excited to design my cabinet for machine quilters, but the blocks where even MORE popular due to their versatility.

To test drive my cabinet & quilt blocks, you can head to your nearest Arrow dealer. If you don’t have one nearby, you can also order it directly from me.

Click here for more info about the blocks.
Click here for more info about the cabinet.

To get more info about current pricing, shoot me an email to

I love that so many of you have ordered these and are already using them in your sewing rooms. They make a huge difference when managing the bulk of your quilt.

Now that I’m back home for a few months until travel begins again in the fall, I was able to sit down and order some more sewing furniture on order from Arrow to complete my studio. One that arrives, I’ll be excited to give you an updated tour of my sewing room.

So sit tight and be on the lookout for more updates of what I’m currently working on!!

2 thoughts on “Christa’s Quilt Cabinet & Quilt Blocks Are Here

  1. Joan Friedman says:

    I have a curiosity question. I just purchased the Christa table from Arrow and though I haven’t sat down to sew as yet I was wondering about the space underneath the drawer. I would have loved more drawers, but is there a specific purpose for that open area that I’m missing? Thanks!

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