Learn to Baste, Quilt & Bind with my free Herringbone Quilt Pattern!

It’s been great to get back to a regular video posting schedule again. Although far from perfect, I really enjoy recording and editing new videos for you each week. Today I’m back with part 2 of making my Herringbone quilt.

Click here to grab my free Herringbone quilt pattern.

Click here to grab the optional Herringbone kit, made from my Stitchy fabric.

Click play below to watch the roughly 20 min video. I demonstrate my spray basting method, how I created a quilting plan for this design, how I custom quilted it, AND how to finish with a bit of hand binding. You can check out my other videos if you’d rather bind it by machine. You can definitely use these same techniques on any quilt you make!

I have a limited number of Herringbone quilt kits while supplies last, but it would look fabulous in scraps, too!

Please ask any questions you have, and let me know if /when you make it. I’d love to cheer you on!

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