My New Notions Have Arrived!

Partnering up with Brewer Sewing to create my own line of quilting notions has long been a dream of mine. These are tools I use every day in my quilting life and I’m super excited that I get to share them with you!

We worked together to create my top 5 most useful notions: batting shears, quilting gloves, a creasing tool (also known as a Hera marker), an ergonomic rotary cutter, and a mini mat and ruler set. Let me tell you more about them!

Batting Shears

The batting shears are my absolute fave because they make trimming up batting such a breeze! I use them first of all to cut off a large chunk of batting from the roll so that it’s larger than my quilt top. Once my quilt is all basted together, I use them again to trim off the excess batting and backing from my quilt. They cut through the thick quilt layers like butter and I don’t know how I ever got along without them!

Click here to get my batting shears and reduce the amount of time you spend basting!

They include flat handles for left or right handed use.

Machine Quilting Gloves

My machine quilting gloves are a game changer when it comes to scrunching and smooshing your quilt under the machine. The grippy dots help you grab onto the quilt, reducing hand fatigue. They are one size and reversible so you can wear each glove on either hand (just in case you don’t want to show off my cute logo while quilting, LOL!) The gloves are washable and they don’t get as dirty as other gloves I’ve tried, so that’s an extra bonus!

Click here to get my universal machine quilting gloves. They are soft and comfy!

Christa Quilts Crease Marker

Say that 3 times fast!! Here’s a fun fact: I usually call this creasing tool a “Hera” marker. But when it was time to create the packaging for this notion, I looked up to see if that word was copyrighted. It was, but whoever owned it had let the copyright lapse. However, not wanting to take any chances, I opted to go by its more generic name instead. No matter what you call it, this handy gadget is perfect for marking straight lines on your quilt to follow while machine quilting!

Click here to get my crease marker. Doesn’t it look cute on top of my colorful Stitchy fabrics??

Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

This is the most comfortable rotary cutter you’ll ever own! This safety cutter is fabulous because you can lock the blade open or closed, and it can even stand upright on a table when not in use. Each cutter comes with several spare blades, making it a fantastic value to add to your toolbox!

Click here to get my ergonomic rotary cutter. You may want to grab an extra for a friend!

Mini Mat and Ruler Set

My rotary cutter pairs nicely with my mini mat and ruler set. This handy pair is perfect to keep right by your machine to make small cuts without having to get up from your workspace. I also use it to trim off binding ends when sewing my binding to a quilt.

Click here to get my mini mat and ruler set. You’ll find so many handy uses for it!

Get the Whole Set of Christa Quilts Notions!

I hope you enjoy using these notions as much as I do. They’ll make life in your craft room “sew” much easier! You can purchase each of these notions individually, or get the entire notions set directly from me at a discount.

Click here to grab the notions set at a discount off the regular price.

Let me know how you like them!

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