Will I See You at QuiltCon 2023?

Are you planning on attending QuiltCon next week? It takes place in Atlanta, GA February 23-26. I’ve attended every show since it’s inception in 2013. Sometimes I teach, other times I take classes or volunteer. But this time I’m doing something new: I’m super stoked to be attending as a vendor this time around!

I’ll be hanging out in booth 2508 and I’ll be bringing a whole load of my designer products with me! I’ll have my books, patterns, fabrics and threads on display and I can’t wait!!

It’s a lot of work to set up a booth, so I’ve been taking time this week to stage what some of my displays will look like. Figuring out where to get containers to hold my products has been fun. It makes me appreciate folks that do this on a regular basis!

I’m figuring out how much product I can bring and the best way to display it!

Fortunately, I have family who live in the area, so I’ve been able to have a lot of my things shipped to them ahead of time. They’ve also agreed to help me set up and man my booth, so I’m excited to make it a family affair!

Office supply stores have so many great display pieces that will really come in handy!!

Also, by a stroke of good luck, I’m returning to GA in April to teach for a nearby guild (The East Cobb Quilters Guild). So my aunt told me she’s happy to let me keep anything remaining at her home in the meantime.

I’ll be able to share the leftover goodies with the guild members when I teach and then (hopefully) bring anything extra back in my suitcases. Figuring out the logistics has been a TON of work!

I’m using cuter buckets than these, but this gives me an idea of visual presentation for my booth.

This will be a fun new experience for me as a vendor. I’m most excited that I’ll be able to hang out in one spot, chatting with folks all weekend. If you are there, please stop by and say hi! Now I’d better go pack!!!

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