New Video Tutorial: How To Spray Baste on a Table

Spray basting has really revolutionized my machine quilting process. It makes quilt basting faster and easier, and there’s no pesky pins getting in the way while you quilt! I’ve shared my spray basting technique many times, using my design wall to assemble the layers. However, lots of folks don’t have access to a design wall, so I put together a new video showing how to use my method using a table instead. Take a look below:

In my video above, I’m making a king sized version of my Interlinked quilt. You can grab the Interlinked quilt pattern to make one for yourself and it includes 4 sizes:

In the video you also see me trimming the extra batting and backing using my Christa Quilts Batting Shears. These are a must-have in your sewing space! They are thicker and longer than regular scissors which more than doubles the cutting speed versus regular scissors. They really do cut through batting like butter!

Now I’m curious to know – have you ever spray basted a quilt? If you try out my method, please let me know how it turns out!

2 thoughts on “New Video Tutorial: How To Spray Baste on a Table

  1. tatsdent says:

    I have to say Thankyou so much for this tutorial! I have mobility issues and struggle with basting quilts. I followed your method and had the greatest success I have ever had. It was quicker and easier and I had a great smoothe quilt at the end. Thankyou once again.

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