New video tutorials: see my notions in action!

I was very pleased to see Laura Coia of Sew Very Easy demonstrating my new mini mat and ruler set a recent video tutorial. 

Together with my ergonomic rotary cutter, they are the perfect tools to keep next to your sewing machine. Click play below to watch. She always has great tips to share!

Previously, Laura had shared a video with bonus tips when using my machine quilting gloves. I’ve been wearing them in all of my videos, but she demonstrated extra ways to use them that I’d never thought of before. Click play below to check it out:

Have you tried my sewing notions yet?

You’ll be seeing them in more of the new videos I create, but it sure is fun to see other quilters using them “in the wild, too!”

Click here to view my sewing notions. They’ll make you a better quilter, I promise!

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