My Books on Sale – Just in Time for Holiday Gift Giving

I’m a numbers gal so it’s always fun for me to check and see how well my books are selling and what their ranking is online. Today when I checked, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the price of both of my books have been reduced on Amazon, just in time for holiday shopping! Now, don’t worry, the price that is charged has nothing to do with the royalties I receive once they are sold. In fact, it’s a win for me because they more that are sold, the happier I am!


So if you’ve been eyeing either of my books, head over to Amazon now to pick them up. And if you already own one or both, grab a copy for a friend and give them the gift of machine quilting!

Click here to purchase Machine Quilting with Style or The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

***Disclaimer*** This screen shot was taken this morning and prices may fluctuate due to demand. But they are still going for less than retail. Also, by purchasing from the links in this post, I’ll receive a small commission for each one sold.. As always, thanks for your support!!

Last Class of the Year is at Christmas Goose Quilt Shop in Las Vegas

Local Vegas friends! I’ll be teaching my last machine quilting class of the year at the Christmas Goose Quilt Shop this Wednesday, Nov 16 from 6-9 PM. Stop by the shop or call 702-877-1158 to register. There’s only a few spots left!

Plumb Lines Machine Quilting Detail


My version of Plumb Lines from The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

I’m teaching Free-Motion Alternatives to Straight Line Quilting  from mine and Angela Walters’ book The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting. This class is already sold out at QuiltCon next year, so here’s your chance to get in on the action! Here’s the full class description:

“Go beyond the straight line and use your free-motion quilting skills to their fullest. In this workshop, students will learn how to turn basic shapes into linear free-motion quilting designs.Quilt them as allover designs across the surface of your quilt, or use them sporadically to create custom quilting motifs. Students should be comfortable with basic machine quilting techniques.”

Award Winning Quilting Techniques

HMQS quilt show

Plumb Lines earned a second place ribbon at HMQS earlier this year.

Although I can’t promise that your quilting will win an award, you’ll definitely get my seal of approval for learning how to let go of machine quilting perfection in my class. The secret to quilting success is to choose thin blending threads and quilt the heck out of it! Then all you will notice is the yummy quilted texture rather then each individual stitch.

Where I’ll be Traveling to Next

If you can’t make it to this class, click here for my complete teaching schedule. I keep it up to date for myself as well as my potential students. In fact, my family regularly checks my schedule so they know when I’m available for family trips! 🙂 I may just be traveling to a city near you!

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Machine Quilting with Style: Color Crystals Re-Imagined

I’m so excited to share additional colorways of the third quilt from my first book, Machine Quilting with Style. Color Crystals is my modern version of a jelly roll quilt! In practically any bundle you buy, you can separate the solids or prints into distinctive colorways, and then use the leftover strips on the back.
Here’s the original quilt using a bundle of bright Kona Solids:
 Rain 54″ x 62″ by Christa Watson. Photography by Brent Kane.

Color Crystals, Re-imagined

Here’s an alternate colorway I designed in EQ7 using Amanda Herring’s Desert Bloom collection for Riley Blake. This pretty group is divided into three colorways of red, aqua, and gray with two whisper soft background prints that I alternated in the background strips. I repeated some of the fabrics to create cohesion in the design.
I was having so much fun playing around with these fabrics, that I decided to flip the positive/negative space in this version below. I placed the strips randomly in the background to create a  sense of movement and paired them with solid red “crystals” for a bolder, more dynamic design.
Now can you just imagine all the possibilities??

Quilter’s Dream Prize Sponsor

When I make my quilts, the batting is just as important as the fabrics and thread. Therefore I’m delighted to announce that one of my favorite batting companies, Quilter’s Dream

will be giving away two prizes to help promote their new Dream 80/20.

Each winner will get a White Dream 80/20 queen and a Natural Dream 80/20 queen. This time around, winners we be selected from the US due to shipping limitations.


To enter, just leave a comment letting me know your favorite way to use a jelly roll! For a bonus entry, you can share a picture of one of your jelly roll quilts in my Facebook Group: Quilt with Christa. We have a really fun community over there and everyone loves getting inspired by what everyone else is doing!

Last Week’s Winners

Congrats to Jane M. and Diane M. who each won a copy of my second book, The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting (co-authored with Angela Walters). I’ll pick this week’s winner next Thursday morning and post it with the next re-imagined quilt next Friday!

Christa Watson Books

Click here to see all of the quilts from Machine Quilting with Style.
Click here to see all of the quilts from The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.

*Note: this post contains affiliate links – thanks for your support!!

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting: U-Turns

Thanks for joining Angela Walters and I on our journey as we’ve shared our quilts from The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting. Today we’ll show the last quilt, U-Turns, made in different fabrics with drastically different quilting, done either on a sit-down domestic (me) or a stand up long-arm (Angela).


In this quilt, I pay homage to Angela, by choosing one of her first fabric designs as the print in my version of U-Turns. I quilt all of my quilts exclusively on a BERNINA 770 Quilter’s Edition, which gives me lots of room to scrunch and smoosh my quilts under the machine.


In my version, I’ve combined several of my favorite designs which are super easy to do on thin sashing and borders: wavy lines, double loops, and switchbacks.


Angela also shows how to do some super fun and easy designs and she includes several ideas for quilting around the corners on her long arm. It’s much easier than you think!

I had such a fabulous time writing this second book with Angela. She was a fantastic co-author, and this book gave me a chance to expand on some of the ideas I presented in my first book, Machine Quilting with Style.

Christa Watson Books

Where to Buy

Sharing is Caring

Be sure to share your progress on your projects from either book in my Facebook group: Quilt with Christa. You can also share your machine quilting progress, ask questions and get advice about future projects!

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting – Quatrefoil Applique

Quatrefoil Applique from The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting was by far the most fun quilt to quilt (even though I’m sure I say that about every quilt)! For my version, I really wanted it to be a showcase of tons of different quilting designs – sort of like a free-motion sampler.


I used a cheery fat quarter bundle of Kona Solids in pinks and oranges (called Blushing Bouquet) and quilted a dozen different motifs with lots of variations.


Christa’s version – it’s a machine quilting sampler!

I quilted a different design in each petal and echo quilted around the edges, filling the background with dense pebbles, allowing the motifs to really pop!

Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

All photography by Martingale/That Patchwork Place and Brent Kane

Angela and I really wanted to pack the book full of as many ideas as we could, so there are over 50 different quilting designs for you to try (along with 10 complete quilt patterns).


Angela’s version – very dramatic!

I think Angela’s version is just as beautiful! I love the pop of metallic she added to one petal of each block. Her plumb background is vary dramatic and allows lots of space to explore alternate background quilting.

Click here to see the rest of the quilts from the book.

Where to Buy

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting – Fractured Squares

The next quilt I get to share from The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting is called Fractured Squares. This one was designed by Angela Walters and we each had so much fun choosing fabric colors and quilting designs!


Christa’s version – quilted with straight lines and decorative stitches.

This quilt is another example of what I call “Structued Improv” – starting out with a general plan of how the quilt will look, but not knowing exactly how you are going to get there. This simple to piece quilt consists of a center square surrounded by slightly improv pieced borders.


I quilted my version completely with my BERNINA integrated dual feed, which basically acts as a built in walking foot. I combined straight lines with decorative stitches to create some interesting textures. Then I used a ruler in the center (yes with the walking foot/IDF) to get those nice, straight lines. If you don’t have a ruler, you can totally mark them with a pen, or painter’s tape.


Angelas version – so rich and striking!

I love how Angela combined bright pastels with a deep brown for her version. She used a mix of blending and contrasting threads that allowed her beautiful machine quilting to really pop!

Whether you enjoy quilting using a sit-down domestic machine, or a stand-up longarm, (or even if you prefer to “quilt by check”) we are so excited to share our passion of machine quilting with you in The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting. With over 50 different quilting motifs to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect design for your next quilt!

Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

Click here to purchase an autographed copy, signed by us both!

Click here to see all of the quilts from the book.
All photography courtesy of Brent Kane and Martingale.

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting – Exploding Star

Exploding Star was my favorite one to quilt in The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting. Angela Walters and I each quilted our versions completely differently, showcasing what is possible when quilting either on a domestic machine, or a long-arm.

I used a large continuous spiral, which is only possible to do on a sit-down machine, while Angela showed how quilting the same motif in different scales really draws your eye towards the center of the quilt.

Exploding Star by Christa Watson

My version of Exploding Star, using Angela’s fabric (of course!!)

Machine Quilting Detail

Detail of large spiral quilting. I introduced this concept in my first book, then expanded on it to create overlapping spirals in the second book.

Exploding Star by Angela Walters

Angela’s version of Exploding Star – isn’t it fun to see the same quilt 2 different ways?


Closeup of Angela’s Stunning Swirls

Click here to see all of the quilts from the book, as they are added each week!
All photography courtesy of Brent Kane and Martingale.

Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

Click here to purchase an autographed copy, signed by us both!

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting – Migration

Angela Walters and I are at Quilt Market this weekend, sharing our new book with shop owners across the country, so it’s time to share another quilt from the book with you. (Click here to see all of the quilts from The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.)

This one is called Migration which features tons of negative space for you to show off your quilting skills! Angela and I quilted our quilts so differently which gives you plenty of ideas to explore!

Migration Quilt by Christa Watson

In my version of migration, I played up the grid work with free-motion quilting.

Free Motion Quilting

We both tried to pack in as many machine quilting designs as possible!

Migration by Angela Walters

Angela quilted her rectangles so that they would look like sparkling jewels!

Click here to see all of the quilts from the book, as they are added each week!
All photography courtesy of Brent Kane and Martingale.

Christa Watson Books

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So I did a crazy thing this week….. (HMQS 2016)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a type A – plan it like I mean it type of person. I live and sleep by my daily to do lists and am the last person in the world who has time to be spontaneous! But when I got the email earlier in the week, that I had won an award for one of my quilts at HMQS (The Home Machine Quilting Show), I knew I had to drop everything to drive 6 hours to Utah to attend the awards ceremony!

HMQS quilt show

Plumb Lines, 2nd Place Modern at HMQS, from The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.

I’ve had a bit of good luck lately (winning 2nd places at Paducah and MQX), but after gut-wrenchingly replying that no, I could not attend those awards ceremonies, when opportunity came knocking the 3rd time around, I just couldn’t say no!!

So I corralled the troops, hopped in the car and picked up my good buddy Cory Allender on the way, who also received the news that she had won an award. I tried to convince my other friend Vicki Ruebel into going with us since she also won an award, but she had a little more sense of responsibility than I did!

Quilting Room
Mom just moved and showed me her new place – including the biggest sewing room ever!

Thank goodness my mom actually lives halfway between here and the show so we were able to crash at her place for the night and add her to our crew. We got up bright and early the next day to continue the trek to HMQS and got there just in time to check out the show and get a good seat for the ceremony.

And thank goodness for Cory who agreed to drive most of the way there and back so that I could get a little computer work done in the car (including writing up this blog post!)


It’s quite an experience riding in the back seat of my own car. It was quite cozy!

Just before the ceremony started, the anticipation was killing me. I had entered 3 quilts, (all from my new book) in the show, in two different categories, and had no clue as to which one won, or what placement it took. When they announced that Plumb Lines had taken 2nd in Modern, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Honestly, it was the last one I had expected to place. Not that I don’t love these quilts and pour my heart and soul into them, but this quilt was made in a hurry, and on a deadline, rather than specifically FOR a show.

Plumb Lines 2nd Place

I was so excited to finally be able to collect my award in person at the show!!

My smart friend Cory once told me that you’ll have more fun entering shows if you don’t STRIVE for it, and make quilts that please you, rather than trying to please any judge. Wise words indeed.

Cory Allender

Elizabeth’s Butterflies by Cory Allender, 2nd Place Utah’s Own, HMQS

Probably the most fun thing about this whole experience was being able to walk on stage and say thanks to a wonderful organization that puts on such a tremendous show. That, and being able to tell them that it was my BQF (best quilting friend) who had won 3rd!

Vicki and I have this thing going where we are okay to leapfrog our quilts. She beat me recently at a local show and we have sort of a friendly competition going on here – all in good fun, of course!

Bullesye quilt 3rd

Bullseye by Vicki Ruebel – 3rd place Modern, HMQS

So my whole point in sharing this with you is to encourage you to be a little more spontaneous with your quilting, too. Whether that means going to a show you didn’t plan on, or entering a quilt show, maybe for the first time ever – go ahead and do it. I mean – what have you got to lose?? (Except maybe a little time and sleep!) 🙂

My Other Entries in the Show

HMQS Modern Entry

Directionally Challenged in the Modern Category. Read more about this quilt here.

hmqs entry

Swirling Butterflies in the Conventional Machine Category.
See a better picture and learn more here.

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting – Directionally Challenged

I have to say, Directionally Challenged was my second favorite quilt to make from mine and Angela’s new book! (Click here to find out which quilt is my favorite – and yes, it’s totally okay to have favorites!!)

This quilt pattern is paper pieced, and it’s probably one of the easiest paper pieced designs you can make – it only looks complicated.

Directionally Challenged by Christa Watson

Christa’s version of Directionally Challenged in blue.

I love combining walking foot quilting with free-motion work.

Directionally Challenged quilting detailIt’s amazing what you can quilt with a simple line!

Directionally Challenged by Angela Walters

Angela’s version of Directionally Challenged in Red.

Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

Click here to get your autographed copy of The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.
Click here to see all of the quilts from the book, as they are added each week!
All photography courtesy of Brent Kane and Martingale.