So I did a crazy thing this week….. (HMQS 2016)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a type A – plan it like I mean it type of person. I live and sleep by my daily to do lists and am the last person in the world who has time to be spontaneous! But when I got the email earlier in the week, that I had won an award for one of my quilts at HMQS (The Home Machine Quilting Show), I knew I had to drop everything to drive 6 hours to Utah to attend the awards ceremony!

HMQS quilt show

Plumb Lines, 2nd Place Modern at HMQS, from The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.

I’ve had a bit of good luck lately (winning 2nd places at Paducah and MQX), but after gut-wrenchingly replying that no, I could not attend those awards ceremonies, when opportunity came knocking the 3rd time around, I just couldn’t say no!!

So I corralled the troops, hopped in the car and picked up my good buddy Cory Allender on the way, who also received the news that she had won an award. I tried to convince my other friend Vicki Ruebel into going with us since she also won an award, but she had a little more sense of responsibility than I did!

Quilting Room
Mom just moved and showed me her new place – including the biggest sewing room ever!

Thank goodness my mom actually lives halfway between here and the show so we were able to crash at her place for the night and add her to our crew. We got up bright and early the next day to continue the trek to HMQS and got there just in time to check out the show and get a good seat for the ceremony.

And thank goodness for Cory who agreed to drive most of the way there and back so that I could get a little computer work done in the car (including writing up this blog post!)


It’s quite an experience riding in the back seat of my own car. It was quite cozy!

Just before the ceremony started, the anticipation was killing me. I had entered 3 quilts, (all from my new book) in the show, in two different categories, and had no clue as to which one won, or what placement it took. When they announced that Plumb Lines had taken 2nd in Modern, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Honestly, it was the last one I had expected to place. Not that I don’t love these quilts and pour my heart and soul into them, but this quilt was made in a hurry, and on a deadline, rather than specifically FOR a show.

Plumb Lines 2nd Place

I was so excited to finally be able to collect my award in person at the show!!

My smart friend Cory once told me that you’ll have more fun entering shows if you don’t STRIVE for it, and make quilts that please you, rather than trying to please any judge. Wise words indeed.

Cory Allender

Elizabeth’s Butterflies by Cory Allender, 2nd Place Utah’s Own, HMQS

Probably the most fun thing about this whole experience was being able to walk on stage and say thanks to a wonderful organization that puts on such a tremendous show. That, and being able to tell them that it was my BQF (best quilting friend) who had won 3rd!

Vicki and I have this thing going where we are okay to leapfrog our quilts. She beat me recently at a local show and we have sort of a friendly competition going on here – all in good fun, of course!

Bullesye quilt 3rd

Bullseye by Vicki Ruebel – 3rd place Modern, HMQS

So my whole point in sharing this with you is to encourage you to be a little more spontaneous with your quilting, too. Whether that means going to a show you didn’t plan on, or entering a quilt show, maybe for the first time ever – go ahead and do it. I mean – what have you got to lose?? (Except maybe a little time and sleep!) πŸ™‚

My Other Entries in the Show

HMQS Modern Entry

Directionally Challenged in the Modern Category. Read more about this quilt here.

hmqs entry

Swirling Butterflies in the Conventional Machine Category.
See a better picture and learn more here.

21 thoughts on “So I did a crazy thing this week….. (HMQS 2016)

  1. Doreen Fulton says:

    Congratulations! Your quilts are imaginative and lovely. You deserve the public recognition and applause.


  2. DEBI JIMENEZ says:

    Christa, so glad you actually did something physically improve. Yes for the type A person it is hard to do…but with your mod style a the love of modern quilts I think there is an impish little quilting angel hiding deep inside of you.
    Will you be offering the pattern from your book for sale individually? Could use them for great gifts this year.

  3. Jaye says:

    I am so pleased for you – for getting the awards and for just jumping in the car and going. It will be an experience you will talk about forever. What a nice sewing room your mom has! I would love one that size. I also like the other quilts you showed, especially Bulls Eye.

  4. Linda Deis says:

    So happy you won! You were a great teacher at EQ and I so enjoyed your quilts you shared. Love the modern quilt movement — now that’s spontaneity!!!!

  5. Cory Allender says:

    It was wonderful to be spontaneous (another type A here!) and go to HMQS. Thanks again for having the idea and acting on it! Loved driving your vehicle BTW…

  6. Paula S, Pike says:

    Christa you are such an inspiration. Having my Facets quilt in the Odessa Spring Fling Show last weekend was awe inspiring for me as I’d never felt confident enough to enter anything. Thank you for being you!

  7. kathyinmn says:

    Congrats! Love that you jumped in the car to attend in person and corralled a friend and your mom to do the same. Love the pics here and on Instagram.

  8. Hedy Hahn says:

    First, Cory is right about making quilts that please you. If you love them, they have that special something and others can see it too. Second, be more spontaneous in life. We only have one chance and the memories we make stay with us forever. Work never ever goes away so allow yourself some time to ‘dance in the rain’ sort of stuff. And lastly, congratulations on your recent wins!!

  9. Christina in FL says:

    Oh yeah, CONGRATULATIONS!!! How fun to be driven in your own car!!! :)) I am so happy you broke your mold and went anyway. Sweet! You deserve this girlfriend(s). πŸ™‚ Rock on and enjoy life to the max!! (No one has regretted not finishing their “to do” list when they are dying.)( Rock on, rock on, rock on!!!!

  10. Martha Cook says:

    Awww,congratulations Christa. love your drive,attitude and creativity. what is it about quilt making that makes us so driven? I just love the whole process and than giving them away. By the way great book you and Angela created. Haven’t bought one yet but it will be on my wish list. Again, a much deserved congrats!

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