WIP – Skillbuilder Pieced Blocks February and March

I am slowly catching up on my Skillbuilder Block of the Month blocks. I sewed together two month’s worth of blocks last month during my family getaway. From left to the right, the blocks are called Em Dash, The Mood, Woven Star, and Woven Chevrons.

Skillbulder BOMI chose to go with Kona Solids in all of the blocks since we will be quilting as you go. I chose Coal grey as the background, then I sold out of it and had to order more just for me LOL!!

I think solids really let the quilting stand out. Here are pictures of the first two month’s blocks that I quilted previously. They are called Sound Wave and Magnum.

Skillbuilder Blocks Quilted

(I just got a new camera and am learning how to take better pictures with it – but the lighting is still a little off.)

I am using the same grey for the front of all of the blocks but am toying around with using different shades of greys for the back of each pair of blocks. I think that will give a patchwork look to the backing and break it up somewhat so it’s not just a sea of grey.

Fabric LayoutFabric Layout

To keep everything organized, I took pictures of each set of fabrics I would use for each block. Then, when sewing the pieces together I worked on one block at a time. I kept my pieces right next to my sewing machine and constantly referred to the layout diagram. I also pressed all of the seam open which helped the blocks lie really flat.

BOM Pieces

I am pleased with how they turned out and now I’m excited to quilt them – which for me, is the most fun part!

Skillbulder BOM

19 thoughts on “WIP – Skillbuilder Pieced Blocks February and March

  1. whitney says:

    you were right on by choosing to use the solids – i think it really makes the each block POP! this will look amazing when it’s all pieced together!

  2. loufay says:

    I posted a comment on your blog, but I didn’t see that it went through…. I really like all of your blocks. GREAT JOB!!! I was wondering the name of the 4th one. I really like the woven look. Lourdes

    Many Blessings to You, Lou

  3. Lourdes Fay says:

    Nice job on all of your blocks!! I’m curious though, what is the name of the 4th one. I like the woven look.

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