Sew and Tell Baby French Roses #7 – Finished!

I am excited to share a finish with you today! I actually finished it last week just in time for it to win a ribbon in my guild’s quilt show. But with all of the quilt show excitement, I didn’t have time to share a little bit about the binding process plus a few in-process shots.

Roses for Katelyn

As you can see, the binding is made from leftovers of the pastel pink, yellow and blue plus some of the white. Scrappy bindings are really starting to grow on me! I stitched the binding finish by hand,  switching thread colors as needed. For detailed steps, you can read my hand binding tutorial here and my machine binding tutorial here.

Clover Wonder ClipsI used Clover Wonder Clips to keep the binding in place. These are my new favorite tool! With one box of 50 I was able to go completely around the quilt. These work way better than pins or hairclips and the hold the corners nice and tight, too.

I used Pearl Bracelets in Cotton Candy for the backing.

Quilting Plan

Actual Quilting

Here’s a side by side comparison of what I thought I would do for the quilting, and then what I ended up actually quilting. Sometimes I change things on the fly, or I get better ideas as I go along.

Christa's Bernina

I’m starting to get asked more often about what machine I use to make my quilts. I have a a 17 year old Bernina 1630 with a nice big drop-in table. I always practice a bit before I start quilting and use the queen-size Supreme Slider whenever I do any FMQ.

Here’s what Baby French Roses looked like after washing. It’s starting to shrink up a bit and the raw edges are getting nice and fuzzy:

French Roses WashedIt’s such a cozy quilt and I hope my sister loves it! It’s going to her new baby girl.

Cuddly RosesFrench Roses Finished Facts:

  • Quilt Name: Roses for Katelyn
  • Pattern Name: French Rose Buds by Heather French
  • Finished Size: 35″ x 42″
  • Materials: Kona Cotton Solids, Wool Batting
  • Thread: Glide Polyester and Bottom Line Polyester
  • Finished April, 2013
  • Patterns and Kits are available in my shop while supplies last.
Jenna with cousin Katelyn

Made for baby Katelyn

You can read my previous WIP on this quilt here:

  1. Baby French Roses #1- Cutting the Fabrics
  2. Baby French Roses #2- Machine Applique
  3. Baby French Roses #3 – Finished Top
  4. Baby French Roses #4 – FMQ Practice
  5. Baby French Roses #5 – Basting
  6. Baby French Roses #6 – Quilting

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