Friday Feature: Aurifil Thread

If I had planned this out better, I should have written this post yesterday. Then I could have called it Thread Thursday. 🙂 Even though I’m enjoying writing my Fabric Friday series every other week, I can’t really neglect talking about the thread that goes along with making a beautiful, functional quilt.

Aurifil Simplify Collection by Camille Roskelley

Aurifil Simplify Collection by Camille Roskelley

I can unequivocally state that Aurifil cotton is my favorite thread and I’ll tell you why:

  • It comes in every color imaginable.
  • It’s very low lint for a cotton thread.
  • It’s strong and thin which is perfect for piecing, and it doesn’t break while quilting!

Over the last two years, I’ve tried out a variety of different threads and brands, knowing I would eventually want to carry them in my store. Since I only sell products that I would recommend and use myself, this took a bit of research and trial and error to find out which thread I wanted to invest in.


Quilters Essentials by Edyta Sitar

I call it an “investment” because unlike fabric where you can pick and choose what you want to carry, if a shop owner carries thread, he/she needs to have a wide variety! And I’ve done it for my own selfish reasons, too. It’s nice to have a shop full of thread to pick from when searching for the right colors for my quilts!

Aurifil Threads

Aurifil Thread Colors Used on My Latest Finish

After a lot of trial and error, I’ve decided that cotton is easiest for me to use for both piecing and quilting. While I have nothing against all of the other beautiful synthetic threads that are available for machine quilting, they just aren’t made for piecing. Because I embrace simplicity, I just love the idea of using cotton thread for both piecing and quilting.

The large spools contain a lot of thread – 1422 yards (1300 meters) each.


Thread Pull for Another Project

I can usually quilt an entire throw-sized quilt with just two large spools of thread: one for the top and one for the bobbin. If I’m switching thread colors a lot to match the fabrics, one large spool of each color is usually enough. If there are specific colors I need in less prominent areas, the smaller spools seem to work well. Because it’s cotton, the leftover thread can then go into my next piecing project. How’s that for efficiency?


Small Thread Kit

So far I’ve only used the standard 50 weight cotton Aurifil. However, I do plan on trying out a few spools of the 40 weight for quilting. It’s slightly thicker so it would give a heavier look to the quilting, which is perfect when you really want your thread to show.

If I have success quilting with the 40 weight, then I’ll start offering that in my store, too. Have any of you tried it yet? If so, what do you think?

34 thoughts on “Friday Feature: Aurifil Thread

  1. KatieQ says:

    I love Aurifil 50 weight for piecing. I have never used it for quilting, but after reading your posts, I’ll be trying it for my next quilt.

  2. Judy says:

    I have a pack of small spools of different colors but am waiting to use it when I have a quilt where I want to use more than one color. I do hear only good things about it though.

  3. Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting says:

    I am an Aurifil seller in Switzerland and like you, I only sell what I’m happy to use! 🙂 I recommend the 50 wt for piecing, as many already do, and the 40 wt for those who want to see more thread for their machine quilting. I personally like the 28 wt for hand-piecing. I’ve had a few clients order the 12 wt for use in their machine too. It may be a bit more expensive in some places but consider that it lasts longer too. Less bobbin changes because it winds so nicely. Magic bobbins! 🙂 Thanks for another great article!

  4. Wendy Rubbo says:

    I’ve been using only Aurifil 50 wt for piecing since I started quilting. My initial instructor recommended it. My Bernina 1130 and my little Brother portable both run smoothly on it, and the low lint factors into it, too. Love the variety of colors and the way it flows.

  5. Carole Hill says:

    I love this thread, it does not produce a lot of lint, and it is thin but strong, there is a store in the henderson part of my town, that carries it, but the color selection is not bountiful. I’ve tried a lot of different threads, but this is the best, and I like it for quilting more than for piecing, as it is more expensive for me to buy. I also use different colors for most of my quilts, like you do, I think that the thread on the back should match the back, but sometimes I use a contrasting color, and this thread has great shine and color for that use.

  6. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs says:

    I only recently became an Aurifil convert and now I wish I had the funds to invest in a bunch of colors all at once! In the meantime, I’m always on the hunt for giveaways and I only replace colors I run out of with it. I agree that it’s simple to piece and quilt in cotton, and the Aurifil is low lint and gives me the least hassle in my machine. I have only used 50 but want to try 40, like you, for quilting. Perhaps on my next set of twin quilts : )

  7. Leslie says:

    I agree with Ellie. Since I don’t like the quilting to overpower the piecing, I only use the 50wt. It’s my favorite thread. The thinness of the thread allows more thread to be wound onto the bobbin, which reduces the time changing bobbins. I’ve never had an issue in my Bernina 153. And it’s great for hand sewing.

  8. Maryellen says:

    I love Aurifil 50wt for piecing and quilting. I use it on my Viking, Featherweight, and vintage Singer 15-91. It’s wonderful. I also make clothes, and prefer the 40wt for that. It’s a little stronger in seams that tend to wear. I love 40wt and the 28wt for machine quilting, too. It’s fun to play, and all work well. If there’s a breakage issue, adjust how the thread feeds into the machine. Try it vertical vs horizontal, or use a thread stand. Any of the weights are also good for hand quilting. If I find it’s not behaving as well, I just slide it through a little Thread Heaven.

  9. Jeri Niksich says:

    Almost a year ago I won a sample pack of Aurifil Thread from you and I Love it! It has shown me the BIG difference in thread especially the lint part, I noticed that right away just about NO lint at all vs. another brand name I used, that one was terrible.

  10. Christine says:

    I absolutely love Aurifil too. I use 50 wt to piece, and 40 wt to quilt. I just felt like my quilting wasn’t really showing up with the 50 wt. I did try to piece with 40 wt about two weeks ago, because I didn’t have that particular color needed in 50wt. I wasn’t fond of piecing with the 40 wt because my seams just didn’t lay as flat. I definitely noticed the thread difference in the piecing. I use 28 wt for top-stitching projects, and have yet to try it in quilting. I think it will be great, just not ready to have my quilting show THAT much.

  11. Sandy says:

    Christa, I also love Aurifil, though I’ve mostly used just the 50wt at this point. I recently had a class from Sarah Vedeler, and she said she uses it for piecing, quilting, and machine embroidery — an all-around thread! 🙂

  12. Brenda says:

    I use the 28 weight for a lot of my machine quilting. I LOVE aurifil threads! I machine quilt with my Bernina and have no problems with any of the weights!

  13. Alice says:

    I have not tried Aurifil thread as my quilt shop carries a different brand but I will order some. I do use 50 wt and prefer it over others. My machine does well with 50wt.

  14. Renee says:

    The more I use Aurifil, the more I come back to it, and the more it becomes my favorite! I use mostly the 50wt, but have tried the 28 and 12wt with great success–they are both lovely to quilt with on the machine, though the 12wt did quite a bit better with a walking foot and larger needle.

  15. Dolores says:

    So glad to hear that you do your research and only carry what you yourself use and like. I hand quilt so I like a certain brand that is a bit stiffer and doesn’t knot like other brands that I have tried. The stiffness is easier to thread and it doesn’t shred after going through the fabrics numerous times.

  16. Linda says:

    I’m definitely an Aurifil 50wt kind of girl for piecing and quilting. I’ll have to give the 40wt a try for quilting sometime.

  17. Melissa Miller says:

    I’ve only used 50 wt. After hosting Aurifil giveaways and never keeping any of what was given to me for myself — I finally won one of those sampler packs and it’s in transit to me right now! I can’t wait to try the other weights. I’m really interested in checking out how the heavier weights do with quilting. I think I will want a bigger impact with the stitches for some projects.

  18. Diane Linker says:

    I use the 50 wt Aurifil for piecing and nothing else. I have had no problems quilting with the 50 wt on my longarm, both on the top and in the bobbin. I tried the 40 wt once on the longarm and it kept breaking. I was using the same needle size that I was using for 40 wt King Tut so there should not have been any problem, but there was. It may have been just that particular spool, but I think the 50 wt is better all around, certainly for quilting in the ditch and for dense quilting.

  19. Josefina says:

    I have tried piecing with the 50 wt. Aurifil thread. I like it! I am a hand quilter so I can’t comment about quilting with it. I am curious about the 40 wt. Aurifil thread though. Do you know if Aurifil makes thread for hand quilting?

    • Christine says:


      I have seen several bloggers post their handquilting with the Aurifil 28wt thread and they love it. I haven’t tried handquilting yet, so I don’t personally know how it works for that… but I thought I’d let you know what I’ve read from others.

  20. Ellie says:

    I’ve been using the 40 for over a year for both piecing and quilting and hand sewing too. I like how thin it is and durable too. And my bernina machine loves it too. I don’t loose tension in the bobbin.

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