EQ7 Mac Migration Kit Now Available

Did you hear the good news yet? The EQ7 Mac Migration kit is now available! For those of you who already own EQ7 and are running it on a PC (or with Virtual Windows on your Mac), you can now purchase a migration kit to make the switch and run it natively on your Macintosh! Whoo hoo!


We are a Mac family and I’ve always sort of felt like a black sheep using a PC. For a time, I ran parallels on my previous Macintosh so that I could use EQ7. Recently, though, I’ve just been using a cheapo clunker of a PC to get by.

Now I’m so excited that I will finally get to work on the computer I’ve been wanting. This is when having a computer geek for a hubby really pays off. He loves any excuse to buy a new computer and tinker around. So, he ordered this lovely beauty for me over the weekend:


Isn’t that nice? He’s such a keeper! Now I’m just waiting for it to arrive so he can install my migration kit and I’ll be off and designing once again! (Does anyone else get the irony of buying a whole new computer just to run some existing software? That’s kind of how we roll around here!)

For those of you who are current Mac users, but have not yet purchased EQ7, the new stand-alone Mac software will be available soon, so stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “EQ7 Mac Migration Kit Now Available

  1. Jean says:

    Am I understanding we have two choices if we have a Mac? A migration kit or stand alone Mac software. Somebody wanna help me understand what to get. I’m tired of what I’m doing now.

    • Christa says:

      The migration kit is like an upgrade if you already have the PC version. If you are getting the software brand new, you can purchase the stand alone software for the mac.

  2. Teresa in Music City says:

    That’s so funny, because that’s exactly what my husband did this past weekend! he bought me my own laptop for me to use the EQ software on for design! I’m not familiar with Mac, so I got a PC, but it’s the latest and greatest, and I can use it for my stuff exclusively! I’m in heaven!!!

  3. Hollie says:

    Computer Geek husbands’ are the best! I have the opposite problem. My husband is using his computer skills to keep an old embroidery program running. It doesn’t like the newer programs and the new programs are pricey.

  4. Lindsey says:

    So glad to hear this! 🙂 We are a mac family too, and can’t wait to try it out! You will love your new laptop by the way! I can’t live without mine!

  5. Sandy says:

    Ever since I began using EQ5 some years ago, migrating later to EQ6 and then EQ7, I’ve had to open Parallels, then wait for Windows to load before I could use EQ. What a pain! I’m so happy now that my EQ7 is running natively on my Mac — it’s so easy to click once and immediately have access to everything there! I’m *thrilled*!

  6. Diane says:

    I’m in an Apple household also so looking forward to your feedback on the Mac version. Glad to see Afton’s comment, too! I think I’ll have to get this as soon as the stand-alone version is available. Thanks!

  7. Afton Warrick says:

    I’m a Mac user who recently purchased a new laptop. I’d been running EQ7 on my previous Mac with Parallels. I was excited to hear about the Migration kit release. I now have it running on my new Mac computer, and am completely satisfied so far. It’s so much better than waiting for Parallels to load, and I can use the key shortcuts that weren’t working when I was running it through Parallels.

  8. Judy Sartor says:

    Yes! This is exciting! We all know how versatile the Mac is. It is about time that this program caught up with the Mac. Go Mac!

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