I’m Off to Market – and Ready for a Giveaway!

I’m headed off to the trade show, the International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas. Jason and I have a strategy for the show – he will be the planner, setting up appointments to meet with our vendors, organizing our budget for new precuts, and making sure we both eat and rest well.

amybutler_meIt’s fun to meet up with “Sew”-lebrities at Quilt Market!

I’ll get to do the “fun” stuff – rub shoulders with quilting celebrities, meet up with online friends, and attend presentations from some of the top designers in the industry. Jason told me he’s perfectly happy to stay out of the limelight while attending to business, so together we’ll make a great team!

I’m sure I’ll pick up a bunch of freebies while I’m there, so I thought for this week’s giveaway, I’ll offer up a mystery bag full of market SWAG!! Be sure to follow me on instagram @christaquilts starting on Friday for some sneak peeks!

20141020_market_pinTo enter, just leave a comment telling me what you would want to do if you attended market, or who’s new designer lines you’d love to see!

The giveaway will remain open through Monday, Oct. 27th at midnight Pacific Time. I’ll draw a winner’s name at random sometime Tuesday morning (after I’ve recovered from the trip) and will mention it on the blog later that day.

Have a happy quilting weekend!

347 thoughts on “I’m Off to Market – and Ready for a Giveaway!

  1. Carol Broughton says:

    How exciting! I would love to see Kate Spain, Joanna Figueroa and all of the other celebs. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I think I’d like to experience Sample Spree just once. Even if I didn’t get to buy anything. I’ve just heard so many crazy stories, and I love looking at fabric. Who doesn’t?

  3. Marjorie Nath says:

    I would probably go into shock seeing so much fantastic fabrics and so many fabulous quilters and designers that I would have trouble doing anything other than stare.

  4. Linda Webster says:

    I would go crazy trying to fit everything into my schedule. I’d visit all the booths and meet the designers and while I’m doing that I’ll be buying fabrics, patterns, and notions. I would love, love, love to go to Quilt Market!

  5. Melissa says:

    I went to Portland last year and was only able to attend sample spree because my sitter got sick and I had to return home. This year I would love to actually get to see the market floor!

  6. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I would love to meet Minnick & Simpson as well as attend a schoolhouse session. They both sound like fun!

    Have a great time!

  7. duchick says:

    I would love to just walk around and soak it all in first…then I’d look for the quilters I’ve heard of and compliment them on their talents and creativity…hopefully getting a few photos too!

  8. Corinne says:

    First designers I would want to meet are Me and My Sister. I love there fabric and they seem to have great personalities.

  9. frostiest says:

    There would be so much to see and do. I have been to PIQF, but there should be far much more in Houston! And I would love the quilts!

  10. Lisa in Port Hope says:

    I would definitely see all the AGF booths, I think they’re fantastic. And I would happily run errands and fetch coffee so that sew-lebrities could spend more time talking fabric!
    ljridge4511 (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. Marti Taylor says:

    I would try to do everything! I am very excited about Katy Jones’ Priory Square line so I would make that my first stop but I know I would want to see as many booths and designers as possible.

  12. Janet says:

    I’m pretty sure I would spend the whole time swooning over all the delicious fabrics, quilts and other sewn items and on and on. It would be very overwhelming!

  13. brenda90159 says:

    Oh, cool I’m here at market now working the door during setup. Since I live in town I work market and festival for Quilts, Inc so I have money to spend. I worked today putting the signage on quilt displays. I’m an anxious to see what Moda’s Barb and Mary (Me and My Sister) have up their sleeves this year. I adore all their fabric lines. I am also looking to find the next great tool I can’t live without.

  14. The Lisa Marie says:

    I would like to meet in person the quilters whose blogs and Craftsy classes I’ve learned so much from (including you!). Also, I’m a gadget gal. So, I’d like to see all of the new doo-dads coming out soon!

  15. Leanne Parsons says:

    Thanks for a fun giveaway! If I could ever attend quilt market I’d have a blast meeting the people whose blogs I’ve been reading for the past couple of years. It would be so fun to actually see them in person and get to talk to them. And just wandering and taking in all the amazing fabric would be amazing. Oh, and I’d try out a longarm just for the fun of it!

  16. Judy Cinerari says:

    I would love to see the latest Parson Gray line and I would really like to meet David Butler. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Sandy B. says:

    I would love to browse and drool over all the new fabrics. My favorite new line of fabric is the one I am seeing at the moment! I haven’t met a fabric i haven’t liked yet!!

  18. Peggy M. says:

    I would so love to go! I’d have to make a plan to see it all….sample spree, schoolhouse, meet my fav designers, catch all things Moda & Aurifil, …just take in as much as possible, then head on over to the quilt show the following week! Have fun Christa!

  19. snausages22 says:

    If I ever got the chance to go to quilt Market, I would bring a rolling shopping cart for all my purchases and try to meet as many of my favourite designers as possible…oh and of course look at the quilts and booths!!!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  20. Carol Kuse says:

    I would love to see it all and pet all the fabric. Meet in real life all the neat people I’ve been meeting in their blogs. Take pictures if allowed.

  21. Gidget says:

    I love being inspired by talented people… so I check out what everyone has made and make a list of what I need to make!

  22. becky mcintosh says:

    Oh I would be running off to meet Maureen Cracknell and see her first fabric line. As well as trying to convince Alison Glass to be best friends 😉

  23. Kathy W says:

    Wow! Wouldn’t that be fun! I would take in all the beauty of the shows. Visit the booths. Would love to meet you and the other bloggers I follow. Take a class or two. Look at the quilt star blocks inspired by astronaut Karen Nyberg. So much to do in so little time!

  24. Susan says:

    I would go to every single booth and pet as much fabric as I could. It would be fun to meet the bloggers and authors that I follow.

  25. Lisa W. says:

    I’m sure I would walk around quilt market with my mouth open! I would want to see Bonnie and Camille’s fabric and Pam Kitty’s too!

  26. carol n says:

    I just can’t imagine all the quilty stuff you will see, lucky you!!! I would like to see Moda, Laundry Basket, Jenny Beyer, Judy Niemeyer…..

  27. Joan H. says:

    I would drool over the beautiful quilt displays and dazzling fabrics and take in absolutely everything my old legs would allow

  28. janverden says:

    If I ever get to attend Houston, I will be so overwhelmed I will probably just walk around in a daze. That is the way I felt when I got to attend Long Beach a couple of times. Anyway, I would look for my favorite quilting celebs and see what they have going on, and “feel” as much fabric as I can!

  29. Carrie ORourke says:

    I’d love to see the latest fabrics from designers I’ve loved – anything from Art Gallery Fabrics, Free Spirit, Cloud 9, Birch… anything from Cori Dantini in particular, Sarah Johnston, Mark Hordyszynski, Sweetwater, the Tidal Lace collection by Kim Andersson… pretty much anything and everything, with a lot of oohs and aaaahs.

  30. Quilting Tangent says:

    Timeless Treasure would have to be check out. Check out new gadgets and batiks. Take in as much as I could. Have a good time.

  31. Catherine says:

    I would probably just wander around and soak up all the new lines. I’m not so much into meeting people, but I would love to see anything new from Anna Maria Horner or Heather Bailey.

  32. Susan says:

    I have never been, so would need a tour guide to help me cover as much territory as possible. I’d love to see you, Tula Pink, Vanessa – V & Co., Julie Herman – Jaybird, Bari J. Acherman – Bijoux Fabrics, Jessica Levitt – Cascade, etc. Amy Butler, Bonnie & Camille, and I’d love to take photos and see all the art quilts – I’d probably not stop till I dropped. I don’t have instagram so will wait to see what you and others show on their blogs.

  33. Jen Beatty says:

    I love all the Art Gallery designers, esp. their limited collections. Have fun, I’m heading to festival for the first time next week!

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