Countdown to Christmas with Free EQ7 Designs

I’m excited to be featured on the Do You EQ blog today by my friends over at Electric Quilt! For the next 3 weeks they are sharing 15 free downloadable designs by many of your favorite EQ7 designers. Of course, you need to have the software to use the designs, but once you’ve saved them, you can play around with them and change them up however you like! Click here to join the fun. πŸ™‚

EQ7 Christmas Countdown 1Modern Trees, my most popular Quilt Along is being featured today!

Speaking of EQ7 fun, I just got the latest version of EQ Stash, a downloadable collection of hundreds (thousands?) of fabric swatches by all the major fabric companies including Andover (Allison Glass Handcrafted anyone?), Art Gallery, Free Spirit, Kona Solids, and much much more. This will save me tons of time when picking out palettes! Click here to check it out (it’s like super-cheap).


6 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas with Free EQ7 Designs

  1. julie gier says:

    You are doing so many awesome things! I wish I already had EQ7 for all those great downloads. I asked for EQ7 for Christmas…hope the hubby was paying attention!

  2. Debi Jimenez (Bielawski) says:

    Hi Christa I just got EQ7 as a early Christmas gift How cool is that? Actually I think th hubby is tired of all of graft paper balls the pups steal from my sewing room trash.LOL.
    I have pled with it a little and am reading the manual but like all most all quilters I am visual when it comes to learning something new . So how about a designing tutorial on how you design a quilt with EQ7 PLEASE PLEASE. OH PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY QUILT ON TOP.

    • Christa says:

      How great! What I did first of all was force myself to read the book and practice all the tutorials. Now whenever I start a new design, I learn as I go – I’ll usually do a google search whenever I’m trying to figure out a specific function πŸ™‚

  3. Josie.McRazie says:

    I now EQ!!! SQUEAL!! it arrived last week! But I have been very busy (BHMQAL) and have only had a few minutes to play!!

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