Podcasts I listen to

Several of you have asked which podcasts I listen to so I thought I’d share my list here. They are a mix of business, wellness, crafting and quilting. Because it’s a long list and I’m feeling a bit lazy today – I’m just showing pictures from my phone rather than including actual links.

These are all available in Itunes and if you google them, it will take you to their websites where they have links to listen. The dates below indicate the last time the podcast was upload. Note: these pics are about a week old and they are in no particular order. Enjoy!


podcast_2podcast_3podcast_4podcast_5What are your favorite podcasts? If you have recommendations, please leave me a comment. I listen to these while I quilt and exercise so I’m always looking for more great content to listen to!


3 thoughts on “Podcasts I listen to

  1. zina says:

    I listen to many of the same ones you do. I also enjoy movie podcasts, such as A Damn Movie Podcast (beware, there is language here), /Filmcast, and I recently became obsessed with Serial. It’s nice to take a break from quilting podcasts every now and then.

  2. kathyinmn says:

    Pop Culture Happy Hour, The Mystery Show, Reply All and Deat, Sex & Money along with the high ranking NPR stuff like This American Life and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. None of it is crafty, but all are super interesting.

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