MQWS Blog Hop Day 3 – Broken V

It’s day 3 of my Machine Quilting With Style blog hop. Are you having fun yet? I know I am! I knew it was a big favor to ask my friends to each remake an entire quilt from the book in their own way, but seeing their “big reveals” each day is such a thrill!

Broken V – The Background Story

BrokenVBroken V 60″ x 70″ by Christa Watson. Photography by Brent Kane

I can’t get over my love affair with half-square triangle blocks, lovingly known as HST’s. There’s something really calm and meditative about sewing colorful squares together, cutting them into triangles, and then assembling them into another shape as part of a larger design.

brokenv_designbedI pieced the quilt top while on vacation – a bed makes a great design wall in a pinch!

I chose to go with all solids, using this quilt as a canvas on which to add dense machine quilting texture. I love listening to quilting podcasts and audio books while I sew, and this quilt gave me hours of pleasure to do just that while I stitched!

brokenv_sitdThe is what the quilt looked like after stitching in the ditch and washing. I used a wool batting for loft and decided to add more quilting. What a huge difference that makes!

broken_v_scrunchandsmooshMy “scrunch and smoosh” method of machine quilting in action!

I love simple quilt patterns that are easy to execute in any fabrics. The key to the success of this quilt is the high contrast between the pieced blocks and the background. Although I chose solids, a favorite collection of prints would look just as great in this design!

A Bit More

Although the techniques in my book are written for all styles of quilts and quilters, I enjoyed playing around with modern aesthetics as I designed each quilt.  Here are a couple of extra tidbits:

What Makes this Quilt Modern – simple shapes that create a graphic impact, the use of “unmodulated” solid areas of color, asymmetrical design, geometric quilting designs.

Time for me to complete – 38 hours from start to finish, including all that dense pebbling!

Color and Design Option from Sharon


I met Sharon McConnell from Color Girl Quilts while attending Sewtopia retreat last fall. We became fast friends while we chatted and sewed the whole weekend. Sharon is prolific pattern designer and she can put together the most amazing print combinations in her quilts. In fact, she chose to remake Broken V using a majority of prints with just a sprinkling of solids. It’s such an effective design choice, that at first glance, you may not even realize it’s the same quilt!

Be sure to pop on over to Sharon’s blog to see her version. Her machine quilting is pretty amazing, too! And while you are there, be sure to enter her giveaway.

More Machine Quilting Goodness from Leah and Amy

The thing I love best about the online quilting community is getting to know so many great people! Two gals that admire immensely for their machine quilting skills are Leah Day from The Free Motion Quilting Project and Amy Johnson from Amy’s Free-Motion Quilting Adventures.

leah_dayBe sure to visit Leah’s blog for a behind-the-scenes interview with me, plus tons of inspiring quilting content! She has created literally hundreds of free videos that will help you improve your free-motion quilting skills on your home sewing machine. While you are visiting, be sure to sign up for Leah’s Newsletter! You can also find products to support your hobby at

amysfmqI recently did a review of Amy’s Craftsy class on domestic machine quilting with rulers. I love it when people I know really push the boundaries of what can be done with quilting on a home sewing machine. Amy will soon be opening up a store to sell her favorite rulers, and I can’t wait!

Be sure to pop on over to Amy’s blog to see what she has to say about my book. While you are there, be sure to enter Amy’s giveaway for a chance to win one of two prizes – her Craftsy class, and a set of quilting rulers. How fun is that??

Click here for the complete blog hop schedule.

Click here purchase your autographed copy of Machine Quilting With Style.

One thought on “MQWS Blog Hop Day 3 – Broken V

  1. Kathy Halvorson Potts says:

    I really like this Broken V quilt! I am somewhat ‘scrap’ challenged, liking a controlled chaos that true scrappy quilts don’t have. But seeing this in solids somehow takes away that apprehension. I guess because of the white in between the colors. And your quilting is the icing on the cake! I like Sharon’s quilt too, especially the way the ‘V’s have the same fabric on the downward sides….a neat focal area.

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