My Stop on the Sister Sampler Quilts Blog Hop

Welcome everyone, to my stop on the Sister Sampler Quilts blog hop tour! If you are new around here, be sure to sign up for my email newsletter, and get a free PDF quilt pattern. 🙂

Today I get to share my thoughts and sample blocks from AnneMarie Chany’s brand new book, Sister Sampler Quilts.

Sister Sampler Quilts Book Cover
Sister Sampler Quilts: 3 Modern Sampler Quilts with Paired Sister Blocks
By AnneMarie Chany
Fons & Porter/F+W; $19.99

So what are sister sampler blocks you ask? They are two of the same block within a quilt that make a visually interesting design when they are arranged within the sampler setting. Each time you make a block, you learn about color and fabric placement, value, tone, scale, etc.  By making two of each block, you can play, improve upon your selections, or try out something different.

Here are a few examples from the book:


grandmother's frame


Sister Sampler Quilts contains 3 samplers of 25 interchangeable blocks given in 2 finished sizes. All sampler blocks are made in pairs so that you make 2 of each block instead of just one. The block pairs can be the same or different, allowing you to explore different ideas within the same block!

My favorite sampler from the book is the modern Vice Versa Sampler shown below. I’m not usually a big fan of traditional sampler quilts which is why Sister Sampler Quilts really appeals to me. All blocks are traditional blocks with fun modern layouts.


My favorite sampler from the book – Vice Versa

I chose to make a pair of Rising Star blocks because I love the inverse design that’s created when you swap the fabric placement. I used some scraps from my  Kona designer palette to make my blocks and I loved being able to whip up two blocks at the same time!


9″ finished Rising Star blocks – these were so fun to make!

I simply love the fact that AnneMarie also chose to include plenty of quilting suggestions and closeup details of her machine quilting. I don’t know about you – but I when I spend my money on a book, I want to think about finishing the darn thing, not just making another top, LOL!! This book is a great value because it’s 126 pages long and priced under twenty bucks (or less when you buy it from Amazon).



Win a copy of Sister Sampler Quilts

Have you ever made a sampler quilt? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it. Plus, you can share pics of your sampler quilts, or blocks made from this book in my facebook group: Quilt With Christa. I’d love to see!

Be sure to stop by all of the stops below for additional chances to win a copy of Sister Sampler Quilts. Winners will be chosen at the end of the hop.

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102 thoughts on “My Stop on the Sister Sampler Quilts Blog Hop

  1. Carol says:

    Just signed up for Leah Days free motion quilt class and love it. Now I need to get the sampler so I can work on the quilting techniques. I am currently using fat quarter sandwiches for the design

  2. Tamara Williams says:

    Love the trend of reworking the ‘sampler format’. I don’t normally use bright colors but the are so inviting this year. I’m currently doing Gypsy Wife, jumping out of my normal civil war/repo style. This may be my next project!

  3. KJ says:

    I’m not a huge fan of samplers but have made a couple. Made one with Japanese quilt blocks and also made the Vice Versa quilt with all Halloween fabrics.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Pamela Roberts says:

    My first completed quilt was a BOM sampler from a local quilt shop. I like the modern version of quilts in this book and I think that it could inspire me to create.

  5. Karen M says:

    I have made lots of sampler quilts. My guild’s block of the month each year is almost always a sampler quilt. I especially like to quilt these types of quilts since each block is different. This book looks great – thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Jayme Atencio Lane says:

    I have lots of sampler blocks of various sizes made. My plan is to put them into a sampler quilt. They are all pink/turquoise/white and it’s going to be lovely. I just need to complete a few more blocks and organize the layout. It’s special because each block shows me learning a new technique over the past 5 years or so!

  7. Sindy says:

    I like sampler block quilts – but I like to do different settings of the blocks. Therein lies the challenge- a happy challenge!

  8. Debby says:

    I have never made one before, but I love this sister idea. The look when you flip flopped the two blocks is just beautiful. The book looks full of inspiration.

  9. Kathie L says:

    Every year I do our local shop hop, which produces another sampler quilt. I think the unique layouts really interest me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. lilquilter says:

    Yes! When I started quilting in the early 1980s, the first two classes I took at a local quilt shop were Beginner 4-Block Sampler and a 12-block sampler after that. Yikes, we’ve come a long way from brown calicoes! In the mid 1990s, I made a queen-sized Log Cabin Sampler from a Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine series quilt pattern featured in their 1987-1988 issues. It’s still on my bed and it’s one of my favorites. Taupe, cream and peach – don’t gag, it’s subtle and does the job of keeping me and DH warm! I love making traditional designs with a twist – using non-traditional colors, or contemporary/modern fabrics. So I’d love to win the book

  11. Marguerite Namdar says:

    My first class of quilting was the making of a sampler quilt. The teacher taught us different types of blocks so we would have a variety of experiences by the time the quilt was done. We learned basic 9 patch, Dutchman’s puzzle, applique, drunkard’s path etc. She was an excellent teacher and fantastic person. She is sorely missed.

  12. Rebecca H says:

    Yes one of my grandgirls got a pink sampler. I like making a sampler because you don’t get tired of making the same block over and over. I love seeing it on her bed

  13. Nancy McC says:

    I did a sampler BOM in 2012 with a free Craftsy class with Amy Gibson. The online class is still available at Amy had so many good tips and tricks for block construction, piecing curves, fun color play, etc. that I was able to finish the top on schedule. The following year Leah Day offered an online Craftsy class that helped us to quilt each block that we made with Amy. I loved learning all the free-motion designs from Leah. I have taken other classes from her since and several other Craftsy classes. Completing that sampler really gave me the confidence to try and complete more complicated projects. My mom and I have looked at this sampler quilt as a project we could work on together!

  14. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I love sampler quilts! I get bored making the same blocks over and over so samplers are my cup of tea. I have made many over the years, but the one I am most excited about is a BOM I did back in 2005. The site it was from is no longer in business, so I don’t have a link to it. I got frustrated with the August block, so it had to go in “time out” until I got up the nerve to try it again. I am hand quilting it and am down to the borders now. Hope to have it done soon, but since I hand quilt with it over my lap, I am only able to quilt on it during the winter.

  15. Candy S says:

    I have made several sampler quilts. That’s how I got into quilting – by taking sampler classes. I think my favorite sampler so far was the Eleanor Burns “Victory Quilt” that I made for my mom.

  16. Judy says:

    I have made a sampler quilt and I really like the idea of the sister blocks being made two different ways to give you what I call a positive/negative effect.

  17. quilterpt says:

    I have made several sampler quilts, and am working on quilting one now. I have done several BOM’s at my LQS and then have struggled with unique ways to put them together. This book looks like a great idea book for that problem! Thanks for sharing the giveaway.

  18. Sharon - IN says:

    The second quilt I made was a sampler quilt. It was also the first class I ever took, 26 years ago. It was rather old school. When I was picking out a back for a quilt, the shop owner thought it odd that I was not using muslin! “You young girls!” she said! I like your sister blocks!

  19. Glenna Denman says:

    I have only made a few sampler quilts. I have some difficulty deciding how to quilt the different blocks. But I really like this concept of 2 similar blocks and want to try it – if I don’t win a copy then I will just have to buy one so I can play!!

  20. Nancy N says:

    When I first started quilting I made many BOMs, which were all sampler type quilts. Many were boring traditional sashed-straight sets. So glad to see AnneMarie’s modern settings.

  21. Liz F says:

    Now that I think about it, most of the quilts I’ve done have been for sampler quilt blocks or sampler machine quilting. Just pulled out fabrics I had collected to make Quilt In A Day’s Underground Railroad sampler and have all the pieces cut and ready to sew.

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