Machine Quilting with Style: Candy Pop Re-imagined

Candy Pop is the 9th (out of 12) quilt patterned in my book Machine Quilting with Style. I was so happy to include a machine applique design. Truth be told, I really, really like machine applique and would love to one day do a book of modern machine applique designs. The problem? I can’t draw very well. But I can create easy geometric shapes like circles!


Candy Pop 45″ x 45″ by Christa Watson. Photography by Brent Kane for Martingale.

If you cut carefully while making this design, you’ll have several pieces leftover that you can throw on the back. I love making artful pieced backings whenever I can!


I love it when you can see the machine quilting on the back of the quilt!

Not only does Machine Quilting with Style include 12 beautiful modern quilt patterns. It also includes step by step instructions on how to quilt them. I think it is so important to show all aspects of making a quilt, from start to finish!

Candy Pop Re-imagined

I think I could recolor every design I’ve ever made into black and white and be a happy camper! For some reason, this version of candy pop reminds me of Chinese lanterns:


Candy Pop, recolored in black, white and red using EQ7 software.

View the Rest of the Quilts

Click here to see the rest of the quilts from the book, along with more optional colorways made by my friends!

Machine Quilting With Style

Click here to get your signed copy of Machine Quilting with Style.

Giveaway Time!

First congratulations to Sherry C. and Laura M. for winning some Hoffman Batik fat quarters.
This week, I’m giving away a 4 pack of my individual quilt patterns. These are written in the same helpful style as the patterns in my books, and they also include machine quilting suggestions!


Christa Quilts Patterns are available in print or PDF.

I’ll choose 2 winners: one person in the US will receive a printed version of each pattern, and one international winner will receive PDF’s of all 4 quilts patterns. To enter, leave a comment letting me know your favorite way to quilt your quilts – by hand, sit-down machine, long-arm machine, or even by check!

No matter how you finish, I’d love for you to share your quilting progress with me in my Facebook group: Quilt with Christa.

**I have to give a huge thanks to those of you who continue to support me and my family by purchasing my products. This post contains affiliate links. XOXO**


125 thoughts on “Machine Quilting with Style: Candy Pop Re-imagined

  1. Roz Agulnik says:

    wish I had a long arm, or at least a mid arm, but alas I don’t. For quilts up to a single, I quilt them on my domestic machine. For bigger ones, when I have the money, the longarmer gets it.

  2. Lisa Kerlin says:

    I have never done the quilting on a quilt top before because the splendid sampler is my first try at this new obsession, but I will be learning on my home sewing machine before the sampler is ready for quilting. Hand quilting, and the time that must take, scares the beejeezus outta me! I do have a dear friend with a longarm, but I feel like to call it mine, I must do the quilting as well as the piecing.

  3. Barbara Johnson says:

    I hand quilting one quilt. It was supposed to be done for my sister’s wedding. She got it a year later….. Needless to say, I started quilting by machine! I’ve done some some free motion quilting, but have never been very good at controlling the stitch length. Lately, I have mostly been using my walking foot and doing straight line and gentle curve designs. I can control the stitch length much better now!

  4. Linda says:

    I am a total novice and my fear of messing up my quilt keeps stopping me from trying machine quilting. I’m working up my courage to try it.

  5. Wendy Steele says:

    I began my quilting journey with my Brother sewing machine, mostly ditch-stitching them together. Then a friend and I purchased a second hand Happy Jack quilting frame, which lives at her house 20kms from me, because she has room for it. I recently purchased a Flynn quilting frame, so now I can quilt smaller quilts in my own home. The journey continues ……

  6. Di An Putnam says:

    I do love to longarm but sometimes my creativity goes “south”. I love looking at other’s quilting to get inspiration. Everyone has there own style and it is a great way to learn.

  7. TxQuilter says:

    I quilted many past quilts by hand, but in the interest of getting them DONE these days, I’m quilting more on my domestic machine. I do mostly throw size and wall hangings. If I do a bed size quilt in the future, I may tackle it … or I may do it by check!
    Thanks for the chance to win your great patterns!

  8. Bonita says:

    Im just a tarting out and so far I’ve just done the quilting at home on my sit down Janome machine. I really think your patterns are awesome. Would love to win some. Thanks for making this offer available to us.

  9. TxQuilter says:

    I quilted many past quilts by hand, but in the interest of getting them DONE these days, I’m doing more on my domestic machine. I do mostly throw size and wall hangings. If I do a bed size quilt in the future, I may tackle it … or I may do it by check!
    Thanks for the chance to win your great patterns!

  10. Carol Kuse says:

    My favorite way will always be by hand because then I could listen to what that particular quilt wanted done next. Unfortunately arthritis has stopped this, but I have always admired machine quilting since it is no longer just edge to edge like the old-fashioned comforters we could by everywhere. There are times the machine quilting can only be told from hand quilting is to see if there is a solid row of stitches as opposed to a gap between stitches. Some of today’s machine quilters can even outdo some of the hand quilters. Thank you for showing us that over and over.


    My first 25 quilts were all hand quilted. In 1996, took a machine quilting class from Maureen Noble in Seattle and never picked up a between needle since then. I wore out one Juki and now quilt on a Juki 2010. Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful quilting designs.

  12. Lillian Klaeger says:

    I have quilted ALL of my quilts on my domestic machine.(even a king size). I like to be able to say “yes, I am a quilter”. Besides I’d rather spend the money on more fabric, etc., than pay for quilting!

  13. Kalynn says:

    I quilt with my domestic machine – Sometimes use my friends longarm – Sometimes by hand – and yes sometimes by checkbook – there are simply not enough hours in a dayl

  14. Camille says:

    I am a novice longarm user and appreciate quilters who share machine quilting ideas as well as encourage and support quilters at all levels. The cover on your book has shows a very creative quilting idea for a square in a square block..

  15. Susan N. says:

    I am a beginner. My first quilt was tied. I am hand quilting my second quilt (almost done). I have machine quilted small things like potholders and mug rugs.

  16. Rosemary says:

    I envy those who have the talent to long-arm quilt. I have hand tied a few and have attempted to machine quilts some small quilts, but nothing big. I have planned, after the new year, a cat quilt from Shiny Happy World in which you QAYG so that will be my first attempt at machine quilting a large quilt.

  17. dawnhollingsworth says:

    I currently grid, or straight stitch, on my home machine. Hubby and I are moving closer to his parent’s and his mother has a long-arm. I am hoping to learn how to use it!

    • Delores Rast says:

      For family members I prefer to hand quilt the quilts I make for them. For all others I quilt at sit down machine. I’ve done a little free motion quilting on my sit down machine and I like it!

  18. AmyScrapSpot says:

    I think I am too impatient to hand quilt anything so large! ha
    I love the look of hand stitching but using a machine makes it soo much faster!
    Maybe some day I will learn to slow down a little more 😉

  19. Jan Wisor says:

    I use a combo of sit down home machine, love my Sweet Sixteen! I also use check for more complicated quilting and larger sizes.

  20. kbaby29 says:

    I Machine Quilt on my Babylock Aria, unless its a small project then I might quilt on my Pfaff. I can do any kind of quilting, straight lines, meandering, designs, teeny tiny designs, it took a LOT of practice and a few tears…but eventually it clicked. I would loooove to own a longarm..sigh..someday 😉

  21. Karen M says:

    I quilt my quilts on my Pfaff. I have fun figuring out designs and especially like to look at machine quilting books, such as yours and Angela Walters.

  22. Lynn Bankowski says:

    I quilt smaller quilts on my home Janome 6600, mostly meandering and “in-the-ditch”. I’m interested in learning more modern quilting designs. My larger, special quilts go to my long arm quilter-friend for her talented finishing touch.

  23. Elaine in North Tx. says:

    Well I usually quilt by my home machine, I would love to own a long arm but don’t have the space, I have paid by check on my bigger quilts.

  24. Kris Quilts says:

    I am a sit down quilter. After using my Janome 6600 for 5 years, I just purchased a Gammill Charm 22inch. I love the huge throat, and the fact that it is situated the same as my domestic. Thank you for the chance to win some of your patterns.

  25. Darleen Sanford says:

    I started off with a mid-arm on a frame but can’t get the hang of it. Works great for Philanthropy projects. Now I am working on improving my FM on my domestic sit down Brother.

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