Machine Quilting with Style: Pearl Gray Re-imagined

We’ve come to the end of the quilts in my book Machine Quilting with Style! Thanks so much for going on this journey with me, taking another look at all 12 quilts in the book. Writing this book was a dream come true, and as a successful quilting author once told me, “writing a book will change your life.” That’s the truth!

Pearl Gray at my local guild’s quilt show in 2016 – 1st place, single entrant category.

Pearl Gray shown above is a remake of my original String of Pearls quilt shown below. I made the newer version slightly larger and switched up the background to create a checkerboard effect. I also went with a softer palette in the remake compared to the brighter original.


String of Pearls at my local guild’s quilt show in 2014 – 1st place, single entrant category.

I love sharing my quilts in quilts shows and every now and then one of them snags a ribbon. However, for this quilt to get the same ribbon in the same category at the same show 2 years apart was definitely a feather in my cap.

Pearl Gray Re-Imagined

Since I designed the quilts in the book in EQ7, it was so fun and easy to switch out the fabrics to give you some new ways to imagine how these quilts can look. Let’s explore a couple of options for Pearl Gray, using some newer fabrics that are available now.


I recolored this fun version above with Tula Pink True Colors. If you’ve been hoarding some pretty prints, this is the perfect design in which to show them off! Play around with different background and contrast colors to see how the design pops!

The design below shows off Sherri and Chelsi’s line, Desert Bloom from Moda. No matter which fabrics you choose, they are sure to look great!


Click here to see all of the quilts from Machine Quilting with Style re-imagined.

Click here to see all of the original quilts in the book, with more options.

Click here to get your signed copy of my books.

Christa Watson Books

Yes I love writing books. Yes, there will be more!

Giveaway Time!

And now, for the last giveaway! I really, really enjoy writing books. Like really! Although it takes a ton of time to write all the patterns and make all the quilts, the process is so much fun. What’s also enjoyable is being a part of someone else’s book. It’s a smaller time commitment but still very rewarding.

For the last present to celebrate the one year birthday of Machine Quilting with Style, I’m giving away two copies of I Love Churn Dashes. The release date is Dec 20th, so you can win it before you can buy it!

Pre-order your copy of I Love Churn Dashes here.

This book is the latest collaboration from my publisher, including 15 fabulous quilts, all from different designers. Come back on Friday for a full peak into this book and the reveal of my quilt! For now, see that orange and gray block on the cover near the logo? That’s mine. 🙂

Martingale/That Patchwork Place will send an e-copy to one international winner, and I’ll send a signed, physical copy to one US winner. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite quilt book ever (other than mine!!) I’d also love to know what makes it special. I’ll select the winners on Monday and notify them via email.


Pearl Gray by Christa Watson, 66″ x 77″. Photography by Brent Kane for Martingale.

When you make any of the quilts from either of my books – I’d love to see them! Please share your in-progress photos and finishes in my Facebook group: Quilt with Christa.

Now – go make some quilts!

67 thoughts on “Machine Quilting with Style: Pearl Gray Re-imagined

  1. Valerie Boode says:

    When I first started quilting in the 80’s, my go to books were authored by Jinny Beyer. She explained the math of quilting, how block units are made, how to design a medallion quilt, using a compass to design your own curved piecing, etc. They provided my foundation. As styles change the math remains the same.

  2. Elaine in North Tx. says:

    Well this is one question I just can’t answer. There are so many really good books out there and I sure do own a bunch. Tough choice.

  3. Teresa Cina says:

    One of my favorite reference books is called “Quilting Makes the Quilt” by Lee Cleland. It’s an older book I found on my RV travels, at a thrift store. In it she takes an example of a full quilt and shows several ways to quilt it. A full size example and close up of details and blocks. Really shows how the quilting makes it look completely different even though the colors and blocks are identical. This book is a go to for ideas.

  4. Nancy N says:

    I really like your books on machine quilting and also Angela Walter’s books. However, my favorite of all time would have to be Mimi Dietrich’s “Baltimore Blocks for Beginners” as it gets me back into doing some hand applique. Have to balance between machine work and hand work.

  5. Marguerite Namdar says:

    I like Civil War Legacies III by Carol Hopkins. I love civil war reproduction fabrics. However, just this year I started getting interested in modern fabrics, as my daughter has a very modern taste. I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone

  6. Kim from Calgary says:

    It is hard to pick a favourite quilt book, but if I have to, it would be Heirloom Machine Quilting by Harriet Hargrave. It is from 1987 and was the first quilt book I ever purchased. Her quilting back then was all about machine quilting in the negative space, like the modern quilting today. Even after 30 years I am still in awe of her talent.

  7. paulburega says:

    My favorite quilt book is the X-block book : X-block Once Upon a Time.

    I’m just starting to go through my copy of machine quilting with style.

  8. christahitchcock2014 says:

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite! I’ll try to narrow it down to three. 🙂

    For all time inspiration, it’s hard to beat Barbara Brackman’s “Encyclopedia of Pieced Blocks.” Because they’re all done as line drawings, minus color, you can let your imagination run wild! Another favorite is “Adventure & Applique,” by Suzanne Marshall. It’s the story behind her fantastic quilts. She shares the feedback she has gotten from judges, sometimes exact contradictions on the same quilt. I felt encouraged to enter a quilt in a judged show after reading about the feedback she’d received, realizing you can’t take anything to very personally. My most recent purchase favorite is “Crazy at the Cabin,” by Janet Rae Nesbitt. I think I like every quilt in the book. The problem is choosing which one to do first, but I decided on the wise old owl quilt.

    I’ve really enjoyed following you re-creating your quilts. It shows just how versatile the patterns are!

  9. Christa Kim Hitchcock says:

    Favorite quilt book ever? It’s so hard to narrow it down to just one, so I’ll try for three. 🙂

    For all-time inspiration, you can’t beat Barbara Backman’s “Encyclopedia of Pieced Blocks.” Because they’re all line drawings, without color, your imagination can just run wild! I also like “Adventure & Applique,” by Suzanne Marshall. It tells the story behind her fantastic quilts. And I like that she shares what the judges say about her work, sometimes in complete contradiction to each other. I was encouraged to enter a quilt in a judged show after reading some of the feedback she’d received, knowing you can’t take the remarks too very personally. My most recent favorite purchase is “Crazy at the Cabin,” by Janet Rae Nesbitt. I think I like every quilt in the book. The problem is, which one to do first? I’ve chosen the wise old owl quilt to work on first!

    I’ve really enjoyed watching you re-create your quilts. Shows the versatility of the patterns!

  10. Becky Banet says:

    Love the Pearl Gray! I guess my favorite quilting book is one of my Thimbleberries books. I love the patterns and the earthy tones used in the quilts that are pictured, but mostly because theThimbleberries books were my first books when I started quilting and I learned so much from them.

  11. Kimberly Smith says:

    Civil War Quilts by Pam Weeks is my most beloved quilt book. I never get enough thumbing through the documented surviving quilts made for soldiers in the hospital. I have a repro in the works. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

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