Machine Quilting with Style: Pearl Gray Re-imagined

We’ve come to the end of the quilts in my book Machine Quilting with Style! Thanks so much for going on this journey with me, taking another look at all 12 quilts in the book. Writing this book was a dream come true, and as a successful quilting author once told me, “writing a book will change your life.” That’s the truth!

Pearl Gray at my local guild’s quilt show in 2016 – 1st place, single entrant category.

Pearl Gray shown above is a remake of my original String of Pearls quilt shown below. I made the newer version slightly larger and switched up the background to create a checkerboard effect. I also went with a softer palette in the remake compared to the brighter original.


String of Pearls at my local guild’s quilt show in 2014 – 1st place, single entrant category.

I love sharing my quilts in quilts shows and every now and then one of them snags a ribbon. However, for this quilt to get the same ribbon in the same category at the same show 2 years apart was definitely a feather in my cap.

Pearl Gray Re-Imagined

Since I designed the quilts in the book in EQ7, it was so fun and easy to switch out the fabrics to give you some new ways to imagine how these quilts can look. Let’s explore a couple of options for Pearl Gray, using some newer fabrics that are available now.


I recolored this fun version above with Tula Pink True Colors. If you’ve been hoarding some pretty prints, this is the perfect design in which to show them off! Play around with different background and contrast colors to see how the design pops!

The design below shows off Sherri and Chelsi’s line, Desert Bloom from Moda. No matter which fabrics you choose, they are sure to look great!


Click here to see all of the quilts from Machine Quilting with Style re-imagined.

Click here to see all of the original quilts in the book, with more options.

Click here to get your signed copy of my books.

Christa Watson Books

Yes I love writing books. Yes, there will be more!

Giveaway Time!

And now, for the last giveaway! I really, really enjoy writing books. Like really! Although it takes a ton of time to write all the patterns and make all the quilts, the process is so much fun. What’s also enjoyable is being a part of someone else’s book. It’s a smaller time commitment but still very rewarding.

For the last present to celebrate the one year birthday of Machine Quilting with Style, I’m giving away two copies of I Love Churn Dashes. The release date is Dec 20th, so you can win it before you can buy it!

Pre-order your copy of I Love Churn Dashes here.

This book is the latest collaboration from my publisher, including 15 fabulous quilts, all from different designers. Come back on Friday for a full peak into this book and the reveal of my quilt! For now, see that orange and gray block on the cover near the logo? That’s mine. 🙂

Martingale/That Patchwork Place will send an e-copy to one international winner, and I’ll send a signed, physical copy to one US winner. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite quilt book ever (other than mine!!) I’d also love to know what makes it special. I’ll select the winners on Monday and notify them via email.


Pearl Gray by Christa Watson, 66″ x 77″. Photography by Brent Kane for Martingale.

When you make any of the quilts from either of my books – I’d love to see them! Please share your in-progress photos and finishes in my Facebook group: Quilt with Christa.

Now – go make some quilts!

67 thoughts on “Machine Quilting with Style: Pearl Gray Re-imagined

  1. Hedy Hahn says:

    I absolutely love churn dash blocks, they are my favorite and I don’t even know why. Keeping my fingers crossed!! Thanks.

  2. Sue Holman says:

    How can you pick just one? I do really like your Machine Quilting with Style, because it gave me the confidence to do some machine quilting on my domestic machine.
    I would love to win a copy of your latest book!

  3. Karen Addleman says:

    I really don’t have a favorite. All the books I have are great for inspiration, patterns and ideas. I often pull out a whole stack to go through when I’m not quilting. And if I made the ones I love I’d be drowning in quilts. I don’t always have the time or resources to make the quilts, but having the books helps me enjoy them.

  4. Debra Reber says:

    My favorite quilt book–so hard to pick just one. The quilt in a day books are what got me started with quilting, as they were very beginner friendly.

  5. Terry says:

    My favorite quilt book is the first I ever bought when I started learning to quilt a few years ago..Simplify with Camille Roskelley. Love her style and definitely her fabric colors and designs.

  6. Karen B says:

    I have learned so much from your book. My favorite other than yours, is my copy of Fons and Porter’s book “Quilter’s Complete Guide”. It inspired me when I first started quilting, and taught me so much.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win “Churn Dash” that has always been one of my favorites.

  7. Carol Lang says:

    One of my go to favorites has been “Happy Hour” by Terry Atkinson. I love to try new complicated patterns, but I find myself going back to Terry’s book to put together something quick and fun. Thank you for your trip through your book.

  8. Chris K. says:

    I guess my favorite would be “101 Fabulous Small Quilts.” “The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting” is a good book, too.


    So hard to chose a favorite. Paper Pieced Modern and Quilting Modern are a couple I go to often. A fun way to do Churn Dash blocks would be interesting.

  10. Barbara Hanaburgh says:

    It would have to be Doodle Quilting, by Cheryl Malkowski. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Barbara Hanaburgh Wallkill, NY

    Sent from my iPad


  11. Deb Mac says:

    My favorite quilt book is usually which ever one I happen to be holding. I work in a library so have “ordered in” a lot of quilt books. I read quilt books like I read other books. You can learn something from each book and the eye-candy aspect is addictive. I will admit to loving any of Kim Diehl’s books because of the applique and any book of 30’s quilts catches my eye because of the fabrics. As far as technical skills, there are just so many great teachers out there. Let’s go buy some quilt books!

  12. Martha Cook says:

    don’t use books much. I do most on line now. but I will say, that my first quilt book was Quilt in a Day log cabins. that is my most worn book. love log cabins still.

  13. Diane says:

    There were some basic instructional books about quilting but the first one who got me interested in modern quilting was Elizabeth Hartman’s “The Practical Guide to Patchwork”.

  14. Diane says:

    To pick only one favorite book would be impossible. When I look at my bookshelf, it is full of inspiration and wishes to find more time to spend creating.

  15. Laura P in NH says:

    I love Churn Dash block quilts too.
    So far my favorite quilt book is Lori Holt’s Quilty Fun. I made the online sampler version and the quilt won my first blue ribbon. I love the piecing technique ~ you get an applique/picture look that I love to custom FMQ.

  16. Tamara Williams says:

    I love quilting books! They always give a fresh perspective. A new view if an old favorite. A new technique. I’d have to say my favorite is the one I’m using. But I still go back and look at a book from the 80’s called Crib Quilts. Inspiration from the antique piecs.

  17. Roz Agulnik says:

    I made a mini churn dash a number of years ago. It was done all in pinks and I then donated it to a breast cancer fund raiser. Would love a copy of the book.

  18. Liz Horgan says:

    Currently, I like any books that give ideas for free motion designs–I find that’s the hardest part of making a quilt!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Joan says:

    I have many books on the shelf. For piecing inspiration I have used Nickel quilts the most often. For quilting inspiration Leah Day’s book from her FMQ project has been my go to. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  20. mdghall says:

    Just picking one book is hard. There are several I like. Harriet Hargraves Heirloom Machine Quilting is probably #1, but I like Jenny Karr Kinney’s Quilting Designs From the Past.

  21. Jan Wisor says:

    My favorite quiltbook is “Whimsies and Whynots: A Playful Approach to Quiltmaking” by Mary Lou Weidman. The fun freedom of expression and resulting joy make the time and effort so rewarding.

  22. Susan says:

    My favorite book is Lone Star Quilts and Beyond by Jan Krentz. Perfect book that teaches the basics and beyond. Colorful, bright and bold examples of what can be done with a lone star pattern.

  23. jmquilts says:

    I think my all time favorite book would narrow down to the original Quilts, Quilts, Quilts! as it was the launching pad for me to make my first big quilt, templates and all! Ha! I have been so glad those 2 authors held my hand and walked me into the world of quilt making!

  24. Mary says:

    My favorite book is “It’s OK to Sit on MY Quilt” book by Mary Ellen Hopkins. I think it changed the way quilters looked at quilts and set us free to play.

  25. K Yee says:

    My pick is Heirloom Machine Quilting, any of the editions, by Harriet Hargrave. Taking a class with her and reading her books starting with the very first one put me on my machine quilting journey and opened me up to possibilities at my sewing machine.

  26. Tac says:

    Really love many quilt books. Currently I’m enjoying Christmas with Possibilities. Always find inspiration in looking through the books.

  27. Vicki Sprain says:

    My favorite book is Marsha McCloskey’s book Feathered Star Quilt Blocks I. She has put in this book variations of the most awesome block, the feathered star! When it comes to making a quilt block, I love a challenge and this book has great directions to make variations of this beautiful block.

  28. Maryellen says:

    Congrats on more books! I love Churn Dash blocks, and I’ve actually started a runner with them. I have to say that I have 2 favorite books. The first is Quilt In A Day’s Log Cabin, because it was my first experience with quilting, almost 30 years ago, and the start of a passion. My next favorite is often one of the newer books I’ve found and am holding. Each one brings new inspiration. Thanks for adding to that.

  29. myquiltprojects says:

    Quilt books equal knowledge. Quilt knowledge equal awesome quilt powers. Win! Win! To pick just one…hmmmm….I guess I would pick Fantastic Fabric Folding by Rebecca Watt for a 3D quilt block.

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