Guest on the Make and Decorate Podcast

I love podcasts! And I especially love to listen to quilting podcasts while I sew. It’s like having a fun chat with a friend, but I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to respond, LOL! Well, recently I was interviewed on the Make and Decorate podcast, hosted by amazing interior designer and all-around fun quilter, Stephanie Socha of Stephanie Socha Design.

Make and Decorate Podcast

I first met Stephanie online when she started giving me some fabulous tips about decorating my new home. So she’s fun to chat with about decorating AND quilting!

It was fun to be one of her “milestone” podcasts – 25 episodes since she began less than a year ago – and she’s interviewed some really great guests, too. Some of her most recent interview guests include Matthew Boudreaux, aka “Mister Domestic” as well as bag-maker extraordinaire Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness.

Make and Decorate Podcast

To listen to the podcast, you can click the player on Stephanie’s website (here). Or you can search for “Make and Decorate podcast” on I-tunes or your favorite podcast player. So give it a listen, and I’m sure you’ll become addicted, too!

Oh, and I know some of you will ask what some of my favorite podcasts are, so click here for a list of my favorites podcasts I created a few years ago. Although some have come and gone, it’s still a great place to get started listening.

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