Learn to use Electric Quilt with my Free Handouts & other Resources

I love using Electric Quilt software, and I use the program for each and every quilt and pattern I design. I often get asked about the best way to learn the software, and the simple answer is to learn by doing. Whenever I need to learn a new technique, I google, “How Do I….. in EQ” and I always find a tutorial to help me out!

As an EQ artist and ambassador for the company, they’ve featured me in several of their ad campaigns over the years which is always fun to see!

If you want to learn how to use EQ I recommend checking out the class resources at ElectricQuilt.com. EQ offers yearly hands-on classes, online classes, as well as resources for teachers. You can also find workshops at most major quilt shows, or reach out to your local quilt shop or guild to see which teachers are in your area.

You can also reach out to the folks at Electric Quilt directly via their help line at techsupport@electricquilt.com. They really want to help you succeed in learning the software and using it to it’s fullest potential!

Electric Quilt 8

Electric Quilt recently released EQ8 with a much easier interface.

I’ve taught others how to use the software over the years, but with my busy quilting career I don’t have room in my schedule to teach it anymore. So I thought I’d do the next best thing: – share two handouts that my friends at EQ helped me create.  Check out the links below. They were written for EQ7 but are very similar to the functionality you’ll find in the newer version of EQ8.

Click here to access my handout – getting started with EQ
Click here to get my handout – designing modern quilts in EQ

When I taught EQ at QuiltCon a few years ago,  they showcased several of my EQ designed quilts in their booth. All of the quilts in my books and patterns were designed in EQ, including the two shown below, from my book Machine Quilting with Style.

Christa and EQ at QuiltCon 2017

Everything I make is first designed in EQ!

Electric Quilt is a very comprehensive program with a bit of a learning curve, but my handouts will help get you started. And trust me, the more you use the software, the easier it gets. For those of you who already have EQ, I also have a resource page where I’ve shared the files for several of my free quilt patterns. That way you can download the files, and open them up in EQ to change colors, layouts, sizes etc. Be sure to check out the additional links below:

Important Links

Happy quilting and learning!!

2 thoughts on “Learn to use Electric Quilt with my Free Handouts & other Resources

  1. Joey says:

    I love EQ! It come in 2nd as an important quilting tool after my Bernina 1530! I have owned it since 1995 when I bought EQ3 at Quilt Market. I use it mostly to resize a quilt pattern. Just download the Baby Bricks pattern on your site to my EQ7. I loved how you stitch an interesting diagonal line with your center line going diagonally thru the 4 longer blocks. What a great charity quilt! Thanks. I won’t be upgrading to EQ8. Took some free tutorials and it is just too much change for this old dog to learn. Heck, I am still running Windows 7 on my computer! You will know when you are getting old and you let technology go right by.

  2. nana5smith says:

    I have EQ6, but struggle with it, so would your handouts help me at all? I’m a bit old-fashioned still designing on graph paper & with my old Quilt Wizard program. I’m trying to keep up with the times, even as an oldie. Thanks for telling us & providing the links. Take care.

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