The QuiltCon Reject Parade!

Every year around this time, you can see one of the most amazing virtual quilt shows on the internet: the QuiltCon Reject parade. This is everyone posting their entries into the show that did not get accepted. Now to put things into perspective, there’s usually around 1800+ entries and room for only about 300-400 of them. So that’s a LOT of quilts that don’t make it in. Without further ado, I thought it would be fun to post my entries that did not get accepted with a note about each under the image. I hope you enjoy the virtual show!

Mini X Quilt

Above is “Mini X” a smaller version of my Modern X quilt pattern. I’ll be updating the pattern soon, but in the meantime here’s the secret: follow the pattern as written but cut smaller (or larger) blocks to change up the size.

Interlinked Quilt

Interlinked Quilt by Christa Watson

Click here to get the Interlinked Quilt Pattern
Click here to get the Interlinked Quilt Kit in Jade or Blue

Next is Interlinked above: one of my most popular quilt patterns of all time. Now to be fair, this was shown in the show virtually last year. We were allowed to re-enter the in person show even if it was shown at the virtual show previously. But darn it – I really wanted to hang this one in person, LOL!

Infrastructure Quilt

Infrastructure Geo Pop Fabric
Click here to get the Infrastructure quilt pattern – PDF download.

This is Infrastructure, one of my favorite quilts I made that I didn’t actually design. It was a collaboration between myself and Heather Black of Quiltachusettes. We even did a quilt along to make this quilt. (Click here for the Infrastructure Quilt Along and follow along at your own pace). Here’s a hint: quilts that you design yourself have a better chance of making it in the show. I still love it though, even if it didn’t get in!

Optical Illusion Quilt

Optical Illusion Quilt

Click here to get the Optical Illusion PDF Quilt Pattern

Entering Optical Illusion was sort of a cheat. I’ve actually made this quilt from solids, before I designed fabric, so the original version actually hung at QuiltCon in 2015. I was just hoping the newer version made with my fabric would be allowed to hang, too. So it’s ok that this one didn’t make it in.

Modern Logs

Click here to get the Modern Logs quilt pattern PDF download.
Click here to get the Modern Logs quilt kit – Good Vibes Fabric
Click here to get the Modern Logs quilt kit – Black, White & Bright Fabric

This is one of my all time favorite designs. I’ve made Modern Logs a few times now in different fabric lines and it’s still fun to make!! You can grab a kit to make this quilt from Good Vibes (shown above) or my newest Black, White & Bright collection, while supplies last.

Pixie Stix

This is Pixie Stix, mad from my Good Vibes fabric line. It’s another one that was seen in the virutal show last year, too. So again, it’s no surprise that there wasn’t room for it this year. It was actually part of QuiltCon magazine in 2021 so it did get some niceexposure. I plan to write a stand alone pattern for it soon, and possibly remake it with a different layout, so stay tuned for more on that front….

Sadly I didn’t get any entries in this year, but I was only sad for about 5 minutes. After all, I’ve had a quilt hang in the show every single time until now, so I totally get that it’s someone else’s turn to get their quilts in, too. This is the first year I didn’t specifically make a quilt FOR the show since most of my recent quilts have been to showcase my fabric collections. Also, the deadline snuck up on me since it was a month earlier this year. But that’s ok – I’ll just get started on next year’s entries NOW!

So there you have it. I really enjoy participating in Quiltcon and plan to attend every year, whether I have a quilt to share or not. I’m excited for my upcoming (sold out) workshops, and I can’t wait to see all of the beauitful quilts that DID make it in the show.

If you’d like to learn a more about QuiltCon and read about my experiences from prior years, check out what I’ve previously written by clicking any of the links below.

2 thoughts on “The QuiltCon Reject Parade!

  1. Leisa says:

    All great quilts. I was particularly intrigued by your Pixie Stix and the ingenious use of the triangle in square to create the wonderfully crisp graphics.

  2. Colleen HP says:

    OK, so that means don’t give up. My first try for Quilt Con was rejected, but my first try for Road to CA was accepted, so I’m batting 500!

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