New Quilting Tutorial: Make my Color Weave Quilt + Behind the Scenes of my Quilting Videos

It’s my favorite time of the week again! It’s time to share my latest and greatest video tutorial with you, and you can subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss a thing. Click play below to learn how to make Color Weave, a fun modern quilt that’s much easier to make than it looks!

I love making these videos not only to help you successfully make the quilt I’m showcasing, but also to help you improve your machine quilting skills. Think of each of the quilting designs that I share as it’s own stand-alone pattern that you can apply to any quilt in your UFO (unfinished fabric object) pile!!

Machine Quilting Random Crosshatch
Don’t you love all that yummy texture??
Click here to grab the Color Weave quilt pattern – PDF download
Click here to grab the Color Weave quilt pattern – printed booklet

How You Can Support My Free Tutorials

I’ll continue to keep the video content free, and then all I ask is for you to purchase a copy of my quilt patterns to follow along.

Where possible, I’ll also include links to the products I used to make these quilts, if the fabric is still available. When it’s not, I always suggest that you can get a similar look just by choosing similar (rainbow) colors from your stash, or my online shop.

I used a couple of spools from my Variegated Thread collection from Aurifil to quilt Color Weave
Click here to grab any of my thread kits: Neutrals, Colors, or Variegated.

My plan is to eventually create videos from all my current quilt patterns that I’ve already released. But of course I’m working behind the scenes on new fabrics and patterns, too.

For each weekly video I release, I’m hard at work editing and filming new tutorials as I make my way through my stash of secret sewing projects! This will keep me busy, but will also keep the content flowing on a consistent basis.

Click here to get yardage of the light and dark gray confetti crosshatch prints.
I used both of these for my version of Color Weave.

Behind the Scenes of my Quilting Videos

Here’s a little bit of what it looks like “behind the scenes” while I film. In the image below, I’ve hung the quilt I’m discussing on my design wall and started to set up the lighting. I’ll zoom in close so that all you see is me and a closeup of the quilt behind me. This is for the video segments where I’m talking directly to you, the audience.

I’m still working on getting the lighting right, but it’s all a fun work in progress!!

Below is the view from the other side of my sewing room. I’ve hung up some notes that I’ve printed in a large font and taped to my storage cabinets so I can see them from across the room. I go off script all the time of course, but at least this keep me on track of what important points I want to cover.

I also use a combination of different tripods to get overhead shots and closeup shots of the actual quilting process. I do all of my filming with my iphone and then edit everything in iMovie. Right now I just use one phone, but eventually I hope to use two so that I can film two angles at the same time. It’s all a work in progress and I’m learning so much with each new video I make!

My favorite tripod can adjust up or down, and has a bendable goose-neck so that I can get different angles when needed. It’s not perfect, but – just like quilting – that never stops me from trying!!

Now that I have a working format for my videos it’s pretty simple to film while I make the quilts. What works for me is to set up my camera phone on a simple tripod while I sew and not worry about any background noise. Then I take a bunch of those video snippets, edit out the sound and the record a voice over explaining what I’m doing while I’m doing it.

You’ll notice that for a lot of my earlier patterns, I don’t have much video of me actually cutting or sewing the quilt top, so I’ve been focusing more on the machine quilting and finishing techniques. But in my newer videos that I’m filming now, I’ll include more of the full quilt making process.

By alternating full quilting tutorial videos every other week with my informal “Quilt Chats” it keeps me busy, but not TOO busy!

Subscribe to Keep the Fun Content Coming!

So thanks for all the love and thanks for watching and subscribing to my YouTube channel. It’s growing my leaps and bounds and I couldn’t be more excited! To find my channel, you can search ChristaQuilts on YouTube OR you can type ChristaQuilts.TV into your web browser and it will redirect you.

Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you’d love to see more of. I aim to please!!

Color Weave Quilt from Abstract Garden
Color Weave on display at quilt market while promoting my fabric collections with Benartex

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