Lil Rascals Charm Pack Quilt Part 2 – Machine Quilting

Last Thursday I posted instructions on how Lil Rascals Charm Pack Quiltto make this cute Li’l Rascals quilt top from just one charm pack and a yard of coordinating fabric.

If you are following along, feel free to post comments or ask questions about the project and I’ll do my best to answer!

This week I am working on machine quilting the 9 patch blocks with a free-motion wavy plaid design. Next Thursday, I’ll blog about marking and quilting the borders and sashing with a stencil.

I was really excited about doing something different with this quilt. I have stippled myself silly over the last 4-5 years and I’m ready to move on to new textures and designs.

Wavy Plaid PracticeI was inspired by Leah Day’s Loose Weave quilting from her  Daisy to Paisley book of free motion fillers. I stitched out a practice sample on scrap fabric, then set to work on my quilt.

The long wiggly lines were easy to quilt without marking. My design is called “Wavy Plaid.”

First, I quilted long slightly wavy lines down the length of each 9-patch block. I used a thin polyester thread that seemed to blend in with most of the fabrics. I wanted the texture to show, not the thread! I quilted 4 sets of double rows per block and kept them sort of even.

Vertical Lines Quilting

Next, I quilted the same type of wavy lines going across the width of the blocks. I did have to rotate my quilt so that I was quilting either up or down the quilt the entire time. When I tried to quilt from side to side, my thread kept breaking.

Wavy Plaid Quilting I love the freedom this design gave me. Nothing had to be perfect and the quilting added lots of gorgeous texture!

Echo LinesTo create the double lines, I quilted an echo outline with my free-motion foot, using the edge as my guide.

I dropped the feed dogs on my machine, used a Supreme Slider underneath the quilt to help it slide around smoothly, and stitched while wearing Machingers Quilting Gloves. The right tools make all the difference!

By the way, in case in case you need it, here are links to my mini-tutorials on pin basting, and sewing a pieced backing.

6 thoughts on “Lil Rascals Charm Pack Quilt Part 2 – Machine Quilting

  1. Jannette says:

    I’ve just bought a new machine with a much larger harp area than my other sewing machine offers – it’s a bit scary, because up until now, I’ve only been able to manage SID quilting – nice and “safe” as far as quilting options go. I made sure that my new machine has a serpentine stitch, and plan to use it for the first quilt I attempt. This wavy plaid design looks like a great pattern too – thanks for sharing it!

  2. Sylvia Youngblut says:

    I love the simplicity of this design and the fact that it blends with each of the colors in the fabric. Like you, I like the texture of the quilting to stand out, not particularly the color of the thread. Great work, Christa! I hope you don’t mind my copying you!

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