Spiraling out of Control Update – My Quilt Gets Around!

In my “former” life as a traditional quilter years and years ago, I hardly ever kept any of my quilts. I would finish them off just in time to send them to a show, use them as a teaching sample, or give them as gifts. My show and teaching quilts were mostly earmarked to give away even before they were made, and usually after only one showing. So I never really understood the value of keeping and sharing the same quilts in several venues. Until now.

Modern QuiltSpiraling out of Control by Christa Watson 70″ x 70″

I love how my friend Leanne from She Can Quilt says she is a “quilt-show enterer” rather than a “show quilter.” I think I will adopt that moniker, too. Somehow it seems less intimidating. I’ve been enjoying entering my Spiraling Out of Control quilt in several competitions this year while helping to spread the modern quilt aesthetic.

Spiraling Out of Control started off as my entry into the Riley Blake/MQG challenge, made it’s appearance at my local show, traveled to AQS Charlotte for a brief appearance, and most recently was accepted as part of the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase for the upcoming International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX.

spiraling_backBacking detail of Spiraling out of Control by Christa Watson

As an added bonus, it will be showcased in Quilt Scene Magazine which is a special issue that focuses on Quilt Market and Festival each year. What fun! Right now my quilts get to travel more than I do; but hopefully in the future, I will get to go with them more often! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Spiraling out of Control Update – My Quilt Gets Around!

  1. Debi Jimenez (Bielawski) says:

    OH WOW.. YOUR AGAIN AND OUR LOSS.. The more you travel the less time you will have to create more fantastic quilts ..tutorials and patterns..
    Oh my..
    Hope you can balance that…and include a trip to West Palm Beach FL..
    A class taught by would be extremely exciting to take


  2. Elizabeth E. says:

    Congratulations on the success of making one quilt work for you (a time-honored tradition among creative types). It’s really such a great quilt and I’m glad that many others will get to enjoy it!

  3. Lara B. says:

    Christa, congratulations on your quilt making Houston and being in Quilt Scene magazine! It’s a really awesome design with fantastic fabric choices and the quilting you did fits perfectly!

  4. Carole Hill says:

    It’s always great news to know that your quilt has been accepted into a major show. How fun! I also want to know how you gauge the straight lines on your quilts. I would assume that you could use your quilting foot as some sort of gauge, or is there another way? Thanks!

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