Thread Thursday – New Aurifil Thread Kits

I don’t know about you, but I am starting to collect a pretty healthy thread stash that is starting to rival my fabric stash! I just can’t help it when Aurifil keeps releasing fabulous thread collections by some of my favorite designers.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s new in the store, thread-wise:


20140815_fruit_veggie2Pat Sloan’s latest grouping: Eat Your Fruits N Veggies – Love that Variegated Spool!

20140815_drift Drift by Angela Walters – these are so her colors (and mine – and yours!)

20140815_fave_thingsFavorite Things by Jeni Baker – Why, yes they are!

I love how most of the Aurifil thread sets come in a trial box of 10 smaller spools (perfect for decorative stitching, bindings, and applique) and in the thread lovers’ size of 12 large spools (usually enough to quilt a throw-sized quilt).

Just think of thread as quilter’s candy – zero calorie, high fiber treats!

5 thoughts on “Thread Thursday – New Aurifil Thread Kits

  1. Emma says:

    I used to think that thread was just thread and it didn’t really matter which one I used. Now, I’m always amazed at what a difference that ‘little’ detail makes. I love the thread collections shared in this post. I am still relatively new to choosing threads so it is great that these threads come in trial boxes! Thanks again for sharing this information with us!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Yummy colours. I can’t believe they keep coming out with new colours. The thread collections make it so easy. Pick one and you have 12 new colours for your thread stash. My thread stash has always kept up with my fabric stash. You can’t have one without the other I say. Aurifil threads have been my favourite for a long time now.

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