A Gallery of Award Winning Quilts from 2013 to Present

I’ve been reorganizing my blog and decided to create a page showcasing my award-winning quilts since 2013. This was a turning point in my quilting career because it’s when I began entering modern quilts into national shows. Up until this time I had been making mostly traditional quilts and entering them into my local guild’s show. But after entering and attending QuiltCon back in 2013, I came home on fire, wanting to write books, travel to teach, and compete nationally. It’s been a fast-paced but fun 4 years!!

I created this page mostly as a means for me to keep track of which quilts have won awards since then. Please enjoy  this walk down memory lane with me:


From my book Machine Quilting with Style

Facets Quilt

  • 2nd Place, Modern – AQS Quiltweek, Paducak KY 2016
  • Teacher’s Choice ribbon, Lori East – MQX Quilt Festival Midwest 2016

Fractured Puzzle

A modern remake of my free Puzzle Box quilt pattern


Plumb Lines

From mine & Angela Walters’ book The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

HMQS quilt show

Modern Logs

Individual Pattern Available


Colorful Chevrons

Individual Pattern Available


  • 3rd place, Single Entrant Small – DQN Quilt Show, Las Vegas, NV 2015
  • Founder’s Award – MQX Quilt Festival Midwest, 2014
  • 3rd Place – Modern – AQS Quilt Show Paducah KY, 2014

String of Pearls

Individual Pattern Available


Now I can’t wait to make and enter more of my work. I enter a lot of quilts, and most of them never receive any kind of recognition. So why do I do it? In all honesty, it gives me a deadline to shoot for, or I’d never get anything done. When one of them actually does win a ribbon, that’s like icing on the cake!

12 thoughts on “A Gallery of Award Winning Quilts from 2013 to Present

  1. Mary Ann says:

    I liked seeing this review of your quilts that won ribbons. How fun that you got ribbons two different times at Paducah!! My two favorite have always been the Colorful Chevron and String of Pearls.

  2. Colleen HallPatton says:

    Cool. I walked into a quilt store in Conroe Texas last week, and the first thing to greet me was your String of Pearls quilt. Had a nice conversation with the folks there.

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