Project Linus Charity Drive and Free Quilt Tutorials

I’d like to help spread the word about the the Project Linus Charity Drive being coordinated by Fave Quilts and Leisure Arts. They are requesting quilts and blankets to be donated to the Chicago, Illinois chapter of Project Linus.

2014 Project Linus Drive

If you are able to send in a quilt or blanket, they are giving away some pretty nice prize packs sponsored by Leisure Arts books. The drive runs through June 23rd, 2014. For complete details and where to send, please click here.

Fave Quilts has been very supportive of my efforts to share my love of quilting with as many people as possible. They routinely feature my free quilt alongs on their website, along with hundreds (possibly thousands) of other free patterns and tutorials. You can check out my profile here and literally spend hours on their site, combing through all the inspiration!

Baby BricksBaby Bricks Quilts by Christa Watson

For the charity drive, I’m sending them the Baby Boy Blue version of my Baby Bricks quilts shown above. I made two versions of Baby Bricks to illustrate how different a pattern can look, depending on the fabrics. I knew I wanted to donate them both, and I was able to give away the pink version to a brand new mom earlier this year. However, I held onto the blue one until just the right opportunity came along. Now I’m glad it’s going to the right place! πŸ™‚

Here’s a full shot of just the blue version:

babybricksblue_finishedAs you can see, I added more straight line quilting to the original quilt. Here’s a closeup so that you can see that straight lines don’t need to be perfectly straight or evenly spaced! The trick is to add enough lines so that your eye takes in the overall effect of the added texture.

straight_line_quilting_detaWhen I quilted this quilt, I marked all of the original straight lines, about 2″ apart. Then I filled in the rows of quilting between the lines using the edge of my foot as a guide. It’s totally not perfect, but I love it and hope it will go to a good home. πŸ™‚

Click here to get the free tutorials for Baby Bricks and whip up your own version for someone you love, or for someone in need!

And remember, pieced quilt backs are a great place to use up all those leftovers, whether they match perfectly or not. πŸ™‚

baby_bricks_backI love the yummy crinkly texture all that straight line quilting provides!

9 thoughts on “Project Linus Charity Drive and Free Quilt Tutorials

  1. JulieCC says:

    My daughter has been the recipient of Project Linus blankets twice – once in the hospital and another for a weighted blanket for her autism. I also received charity blankets during cancer treatment and she received others while in the NICU (not Project Linus). It’s such a great thing! Thanks for supporting and passing the word along!

  2. Elizabeth McDaniel says:

    Good for you , paying it forward! I love your blue quilt, and I love all the straight line quilting too! There is some lucky little boy out there that is going to be wrapped up in a wonderful quilt!!!!!

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