Finished Quilt – Squiggles Made from Modern Marks Fabric

At long last, I’m excited to show you the finished version of Squiggles, made from my first fabric line with Benartex, Modern Marks that released late last year.

Squiggles by Christa Watson

Squiggles version made from Modern Marks with black background

You may remember that the original version, shown below was made from precut squares with a cream background and overlapping wavy line quilting using a walking foot. The step-by-step instructions for both piecing and machine quilting this version are included in my third book, Piece and Quilt with Precuts.

Squiggles Quilt from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Squiggles, original version from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

When I got my fabric samples last year, this was the first (of many) quilts that I wanted to remake using my fabric. It just goes to show how different a quilt can look using the same pattern, but different fabrics.

Squiggles Quilt Top

I love the bold bright colors against the black!

With the updated version I really wanted the modern fabrics to pop, which is why I paired them with the deep black. I think it gives the quilt a more contemporary/modern vibe which I really like.

Aurifil Thread Squiggles

Choosing thread color was the hardest part of this quilt! I knew that any colorful thread would work, but I opted to go with the bolder Turquoise Aurifil to really give it some punch.

Quilting Random Crosshatch

Although I love to piece, machine quilting is still my favorite part of the process. I absolutely loved adding an extra layer of texture to this quilt using random crosshatch quilting, which is really just quilting parallel straight lines in random intervals across the quilt in both directions.

Machine Quilting Squiggles

Here are some pretty “scenic” shots, taken in the desert behind our house. My husband Jason really enjoys doing photography and capturing photos in interesting spots.

Squiggles Quilting Detail

I love how the bright colors contrast with the softer, muted desert background.

Squiggles in the Desert

This is my favorite picture: showing the Las Vegas skyline behind the quilt:

Squiggles by Christa Watson

Squiggles Finished Quilt Stats

Click here for a list of shops that carry Modern Marks fabric.

15 thoughts on “Finished Quilt – Squiggles Made from Modern Marks Fabric

  1. Diane says:

    Great Job Christa ! Love the Fabric and Pattern and quilting ! I guess I am going to have to make this one !! Love the colors on the black background too !

  2. Debi Jimenez says:

    Sometimes a quilt is simply going to put a smile on your face but to me when a quilt makes a child’s face light up and instant giggles start to flow, followed by big grins and a spontanous comment ” OOOH! JELLY BEAN QUILT!
    GRAMMY WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE MINE?” That is when everything is right with the World. Thanks Christa…You found me another project. Love it. Keep them coming.

  3. Cheryl k. says:

    Is there a place on your site where we can view the different Squiggle quilts that have been made from your pattern? I love your original Squiggle quilt with the black background!

  4. Judy says:

    Your quilt turned out beautiful, I love the bright colors with the black. I am still putting together my top but once I get that done I will post some pictures of my progress. The only place I use to post pictures is flickr so I will add my link here after they are posted so anyone that wants to can see them.

  5. Laura in OH says:

    Striking! I love the black “background”. I used it on my great nephew’s birthday quilt, created during this quilt along. Used Moda’s Big Sky charm for the design and Maywood’s All Black charms for the background.

  6. piecefulwendy says:

    My Squiggles top is done, but I’m having a difficult time deciding on what backing fabric to use. I rarely buy backing fabric at the same time as I buy the fabric for the top, because sometimes the quilt tells me what I should look for in a backing. Weird, I know, but it works for me. I need to get my squiggle on though, and get this quilt done!

  7. Janet Deschamps says:

    It is just gorgeous!! Love the bright colors with the black. I’m working on my squiggles- almost finished snowballing those corners. Can’t wait to start putting the colors together.

  8. Liz says:

    I love it, it’s so colorful and so bright! I’ve seen a lot of Squiggles over the past few months due to the QAL, but I must say … this is one of my favorites! I can never resist the bright colors, and the dark negative space gives my eye a place to rest still.

  9. BjoLiz says:

    Beautiful quilt! The thread color and quilting are spot on! Maybe it is me, but that straight line quilting takes forever! Looks super though.

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