Sew and Tell Baby French Roses #4 – FMQ Practice

I am moving right along on my French Rose Buds quilt. This week I practiced some free-motion quilting designs which I will finalize shortly. I decided to enter the quilt top into the weekly Quilting Gallery contest so I’d love for you to vote for it!

Vote here and you can be entered to win the Quilting Gallery’s weekly giveaway!

French Rose Buds Top

French Rose Buds Quilt Top 36″ x 43.5″

Before I jump right into quilting this puppy, I decided to take some time and plan out my quilting. Since this quilt is for my brand new niece, I want to make it extra special. I also think it’s a great quilt to show off some fun free-motion quilting texture.

Swirls Quilting

I started by drawing out some quilting designs on paper and then making up a few practice sandwiches to test it out. I’ve always wanted to try swirls ever since taking Angela Walters’ quilting negative space class at QuiltCon and on Craftsy. (Even though she quilts on a long-arm I was able to adapt her techniques to my domestic machine.)

Quilt DoodlingQuilting Audition

Next I tried starting sketching out possible designs directly onto the quilt top.

That didn’t give me enough of an idea so I pinned my quilted practice piece onto the quilt top for a better perspective. So far so good. Now I want to try swirls and pebbles.

Swirls and Pebbles

I really like this! I think combining two designs makes it more fun and whimsical. I stitched out a couple more practice sandwiches, cut them to size and pinned them to the top so I could see how they would really work in the quilt.

Quilting AuditionMy plan is to quilt each section in matching thread so all you see is the quilting texture, not the thread. Hopefully I will have time to baste and start quilting this weekend. I will post more of my progress next week.

By slowing down and only working on this quilt a little each week, I am able to get all of my other projects accomplished without feeling overwhelmed!

You can read about my previous Baby French Roses progress here.

16 thoughts on “Sew and Tell Baby French Roses #4 – FMQ Practice

  1. Joy Gauger says:

    LOVE this weekly giveaway. Where have I been. Apparently encased in a Southern Oregon Raindrop. I received my order today, colors all vibrant , fresh and beautiful. THANKS. JOY Gauger.

  2. SewingSophia says:

    I find free-motion quilting sooo daunting!! Am always scared to do it..I know i shouldn’t be! I think your try-outs on the fabric sandwich came out really nice!! Love the swirls an think it’s going to look great once all is finished!

  3. Boo McCready says:

    I love your quilting! I just got Angela’s video via Craftsy but haven’t viewed it yet. I’m starting to get a little pile of tops and need to learn how to quilt more than straight lines!

  4. barb price says:

    ” practice sandwiches, cut them to size and pinned them to the top so I could see how they would really work in the quilt.” — what an ingenious idea Christa, never thought of that. barb

  5. dezertsuz says:

    Love the quilt top, but that quilting is going to make it. I’m impressed with your free motion on a baby machine!

  6. perthmodernquilt says:

    I’ve been following this one with interest. Glad you’ve got a plan for the quilting – it’s going to look great!

  7. Kati R. says:

    Really cool swirls, I can never get them to come out this round. I love the way yours look! Really pretty quilt, looking forward to seeing it quilted!

  8. usairdoll says:

    Your quilt is so darling! Of course I went and gave you one of my votes, hehe. Clever idea to do practice quilting and lay it all out! I’m going to remember this trick! Thanks for sharing, super job!

  9. Marelize says:

    I really like how you cut out the practice FMQ pieces and placed them over the spaces the way you want to quilt them. A really good idea, looks good, can’ wait to see more!

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