Teaching Update: Come See Me In Seattle Aug 4th!

Fun news to share for my friends in the Seattle, WA area: I just booked a last minute event at Quality Sewing – an amazing sewing machine shop with 11 locations!! I’ll be chatting, signing books and answering your questions in addition to providing loads of tips and techniques to improve your machine quilting skills! Click the image below to watch our short announcement about it:

Click here to sign up for the event for just $10!!!!!!!!

I met Reva from Quality Sewing recently at BERNINA University. When she found out I’d be visiting family in the Seattle Area, she invited me to present a lecture and trunk show at their flagship shop. My event will take place at their Tukwila location on Thursday, August 4 from 10-1.

I’ll be in the area for about a week – so if you live nearby, please leave me a comment and let me know what I need to see while I’m there. I can’t wait!!

If you aren’t nearby, click here to see my updated traveling and teaching schedule through the end of next year. Hopefully I’ll get to see you in person at an event near you!!

Subscribe to ChristaQuilts.TV for New Video Tutorials Each Friday!

I’ve excited to share that I’ve just purchased the domain name ChristaQuilts.TV where you can watch all of my quilting videos on YouTube. This has been a long time coming and I’m thrilled to share new tutorials with you each and every Friday. They’ll drop around 7 AM Pacific Time, so that you’ll have new projects & techniques to work on each weekend!

Click here subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss a thing!

My plan is for each of these weekly videos to be about 20 minutes in length. That’s long enough to share my techniques, but not too long that you get bored with watching (hopefully not, anyway!!)

Get the Hashtags Quilt Kit

Click here to view all of my custom quilt kits.

If you want to make the quilt exactly as shown above, click here to get the Hashtags quilt kit while supplies last. I’m using my original Bling quilt pattern with a new layout and enhanced pattern notes that are included.

In my latest video, I show you exactly how I made a walking foot quilting plan to quilt this incredibly dynamic, modern stitching design above, called shattered lines. This is one of the quilting motifs from my book 99 Machine Quilting designs and I was thrilled to actually quilt it on a real, full sized quilt.

One of the tips I like to share in my books, videos and workshops is that the MORE you quilt a quilt, the less you’ll see the individual stitches and that’s totally the case with this quilt.

I was able to use a ton of leftovers on the back of my Hashtags quilt. I combined scraps from the front along with some odd sized pieces of my Black, White & Bright fabric to create this secondary composition on the back. Here’s a bonus tip: put larger chunks of fabric around the edges, because those will get trimmed up the most!

Photo by Susanne Shultis Photography

I’m really pleased with how my quilt turned out and it’s oh, so cuddly! I hope you’ll consider making one, too. If you do, please tag me on social media @christaquilts and #blingquilt so I can see what you are up to!

Do It Yourself Quilting Video: Make a Quilt from Start to Finish!

I recently wrapped up my quilt along for my Blooming Wallflowers quilt. I took all of the individual quilt along videos, and edited them together into one longer video, showing how to make the entire quilt from start to finish. Click below to watch the full video tutorial; it’s just under an hour and shows every step of the process: cutting, piecing, basting, machine quilting, and binding:

Blooming Wallflowers Quilt – Front and Back

As soon as I finished my quilt, I took it outside to photograph, front and back. It was just as much fun sewing the back as the front!

When you make your version of Blooming Wallflowers, please be sure to share it on social media. You can tag me @christaquilts and use the hashtag #bloomingwallflowersquilt. It makes my day when others enjoy making my quilt patterns just as much as I do!

Blooming Wallflowers Quilt Along Materials List and Cutting Tools

The best thing about blogging regularly is hosting quilt alongs once again. These are multi-week posts where I walk you through the entire process of making a quilt from start to finish. In, 2022 we will make my Blooming Wallflowers quilt using regular cutting, or AccuQuilt Dies – your choice!

This quilt is so fast and fun to make and it looks much harder than it actually is. I’m going to be making my version using my new Black, White & Bright fabric line from Benartex, but of course you can use any fabrics you wish to follow along. All you need is a copy of the Blooming Wallflowers quilt pattern.

I’ve made this quilt a couple of times before, but this time around I’m excited to use AccuQuilt Dies. The kits, pattern and quilt along videos will all show how to make it with traditional cutting OR die-cutting.

I talked more about the upcoming Quilt Along on my latest Live Chat. Click here or the image below to watch.

Here are the rest of the details with links on where you can get supplies to make this quilt.

Fabric Requirements for “Scrappy” Blooming Wallflowers Quilt

Blooming Wallflowers Pattern Cover

6 Fat Quarters (18″ x 21″) of Saturated Colors for the Flowers
6 Fat Eighths (9″ x 21″) of Light/Low Volume Prints for the Flower Shadows
6 Fat Eighths (9″ x 21″) of Black & White Prints for the Flower Shadows
4 1/4 yds of Contrasting Fabric for Background & Binding

Traditional Rotary Cutting

To cut this quilt the traditional way, I highly recommend the Tri/Recs ruler set. It will cut blocks up to 6″ finished which is what is shown on the pattern cover.

Tri Recs Tools

AccuQuilt Die Cutting

These are the Dies I plan to use when I make my new version of Blooming Wallflowers. Click each link to learn more about the Die from AccuQuilt.

Click here for the complete Blooming Wallflowers Quilt Along Schedule.

My Christmas Wish Came True – Check out My New Christa Cabinet from Arrow Sewing!

Do you remember nearly 2 years ago when I lamented in a previous blog post that I couldn’t find the *perfect* sewing table? Well I’m happy to announce that my dream finally came true!! Meet the “Christa Cabinet” – the perfect table that I designed in conjunction with Arrow Sewing.

The Christa Cabinet – Coming Soon from Arrow Sewing!

Now before we get too far, I must tell you that as of this writing (November, 2021) the table won’t be available to purchase until May of 2022. But I can’t hold a secret that long so I wanted give you a sneak peek soon as I could!!

The Christa Cabinet Arrives May 2022

The Christa Cabinet has a drop in table that can fit most large sewing machines. I took some unofficial measurements with my measuring tape, but final ones will be out soon. Here’s the specs so far:

  • 56″ wide plus an extra 16″ on the right with extended leaf
  • 22″ deep + 18″ with back extension plus 14″ with front drawer extension.
  • Sewing machine cutout is 24″ x 13.” It fits my BERNINA 770 perfectly!
  • 29″ high with locking casters
  • Adjustable manual table lift
  • Acrylic insert add-on is customizable to fit your machine
  • An optional pair of “quilt block” stoppers attach to the back or side to keep the quilt from falling off the edge of the table. These are completely my own invention!
The Christa Cabinet in action – It will help you become a better machine quilter!

I cannot tell you how excited I’ve been to test out this table/cabinet over the last few months. It works beautifully to hold up the weight of the quilt! The Christa Cabinet will be available through all Arrow Cabinet distributors, and if there’s enough interest, I’m considering drop-shipping it myself, which means I order for you and then Arrow sends it directly to your home. You just pay the MSRP (or less when it goes on sale) plus shipping.

Video Unboxing of the Christa Cabinet Sewing Table

When my cabinet arrived earlier this year, I had fun filming the unboxing. It came with white glove delivery service from FedEx – which I didn’t even know what a thing. All I thought when they were carrying it up my stairs was, “Pivot!! Pivot!!!”

Click here, or the image above to see the unboxing video on my YouTube channel.

Let’s Get Real about the Numbers

Right now the estimated MSRP is coming in around $1500 which is a fantastic price for this level of table! After doing tons of research on all of the current tables out there, I really wanted to make this one affordable. Just to compare, the table I had been using prior to this which did NOT have all the upgrades cost me around $800 waaaaay back in 1995! The current high end tables on the market now go for about $3-$6k. [Insert eyes popping out of head emoji here!!] That’s way out of my price range and I figured it was way out of most quilters’ reach, too. After all – wouldn’t you rather spend that kind of money on the machine itself??

So leave me a comment if you think you may be interested in getting this cabinet. As it gets closer to launch date I’ll share more details. I can’t wait!!

Virtual Trunk Show of My Book Quilts

Well it’s been awhile since I last posted, but life just got in the way! However, today I’m excited to be back blogging agin and sharing a virtual trunk show of my quilts for your viewing pleasure. Below are all of the patterned quilts from my books, plus several alternate versions. The best part is that each of my book includes step by step instructions to make the quilt top, and also how to quilt them. Enjoy!!

Click here to get signed copies of my books.

Books by Christa Watson

Piece and Quilt with Precuts (2017)

Piece and Quilt with Precuts by Christa Watson

All of the quilts in this book are precut friendly and each pattern includes piecing instructions and a quilting plan with diagrams and quilting suggestions. You can mix and match pieced patterns and quilting motifs to your heart’s content!

Squiggles – Original Version from the Book

Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

Squiggles by Christa Watson from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Squiggles Remake using Modern Marks Fabric

Click here for the Quilt Along for this quilt.

Squiggles by Christa Watson

Gridwork – Original Version from the Book

Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

Gridwork by Christa Watson from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Gridwork Remake by Vicky Holloway Using Modern Marks

Click here for Vicky’s blog post about this quilt.

Gridwork by Vicki Holloway

Frequency – Original Version from the Book

Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

Frequency by Christa Watson for Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Frequency – Mini remake using Modern Marks

Click here to read more about this collaboration between me and Leah Day.

Mini Frequency wiht Modern Marks


Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

SWAK from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Starstruck – Original Version from the Book

Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

Starstruck by Christa Watson from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Starstruck remake using Modern Marks

Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

Modern Starstuck by Christa Watson

Dot ‘n’ Dash – Original Version from the Book

Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

Dot 'n' Dash by Christa Watson from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Dot ‘n’ Dash remake using Fandangle

Click here for the Quilt Along for this quilt.

Dot 'n Dash quilt by Christa Watson

Twinkling Diamonds

Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

Twinkling Diamonds by Christa Watson from Piece and Quilt with Precuts


Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

Windows from Piece and Quilt with Precuts by Christa Watson


Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

Kites Quilt from Piece and Quilt with Precuts by Christa Watson


Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

Arrows from Piece and Quilt with Precuts by Christa Watson

Spools – Original Version from the Book

Click here for the blog post about this quilt.

QuiltCon reject 2
Spools Remake Using Modern Marks

Spools from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting (2016)

Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

Angela Walters and I each made the same ten quilts in our own choice of fabrics and quilting motifs. There are 10 different patterns presented along with over 50 different machine quilting designs. Below are each of the 20 quilts we made showcasing different color combos and machine quilting suggestions.

Choosing Colors

Click here to read more about this quilt.

Choosing Colors by Christa Watson

Christa’s version – in rainbow order.

Choosing Colors made by Angela Walters

Angela’s version – mix it up and throw in a scrappy binding!

Swirling Butterflies

Click here to read more about this quilt.

Swirling Butterflies Wholecloth Quilt

Christa’s version – bold and contemporary.

Swirling Butterflies Angela Walters

Angela’s version – white and traditional.

Plumb Lines

Click here to read more about this quilt.

My version of Plumb Lines won 2nd Place, Modern at HMQS in 2016.

Plumb Lines Quilt

Christa’s version – free-motion alternatives to straight line quilting.

Plumb Lines Quilt

Angela’s version – peachy keen!!


Click here to read more about this quilt.

Corned quilt by Christa Watson

Christa’s version – pretty in pink!

Cornered by Angela Walters

Angela’s version – make your friends green with envy when you learn how to quilt these motifs!

Directionally Challenged

Click here to read more about this quilt.

Directionally Challenged by Christa Watson

Christa’s Version in shades of blue with walking foot quilting and FMQ.

Directionally Challenged by Angela Walters

Angela’s version in red showing how to break down large blocks for quilting success.


Click here to read more about this quilt.

Migration Quilt

Christa’s version – grid quilting in warm earthy tones.

Migration by Angela Walters

Angela’s version – jewel box quilting with lots of negative space fillers.

Exploding Star

Click here to read more about this quilt.

Exploding Star by Christa Watson

Christa’s version using Angela’s fabrics with walking foot continuous spiral quilting.

Exploding Star by Angela Walters

Angela’s version quilted with multi-sized spirals.

fractured squares

Click here to read more about this quilt.


Christa’s version – completely quilted with a walking foot.


Angela’s version – having fun with improv borders!

Quatrefoil Applique

Click here to read more about this quilt.


Christa’s version – it’s a machine quilting sampler!


Angela’s version – bold and dramatic.


Click here to read more about this quilt.


Christa’s version – cool teal solids with a touch of print.


Angela’s version – perfect for practicing turning a corner!

Machine Quilting with Style (2015)

Click each highlighted link below each image for more about that quilt.

Machine Quilting With Style

13 friends each remade the 12 quilts + 1 of the backings. I have included their versions, too. Photography of my quilts courtesy of Martingale and Brent Kane. Here’s the order in which they are presented in the book:

ripplesRipples, made by me


Ripples, made by Melissa Corry and her MIL Barbara

mqws_rainRain, made by me
Juried into QuiltCon 2016
Shown at MQG Exhibit at Int’l Quilt Festival


Drizzle, made by Cheryl Brickey

color crystals.Color Crystals, made by me


Color Crystals, made by Vicki Ruebel
Honorable Mention, PIQF 2015
Faculty Award, MQX New England 2016


Technicolor backing made by me


Urban sunrise, made by Ida Ewing
Best Machine Quilting, Pahrump Quilt Show 2016

Little Man's FancyLittle Man’s Fancy, made by me


Little Man’s Fancy, made by Tina Guthmann

staticStatic, made by me


Static, made by Lee Heinrich

square in a squareSquare in a Square, made by me
Juried into Road to California, 2016


Square in a Square, made by Stacy Cooper


Focal Point, made by me
Juried into QuiltCon 2016

Focal Point - Chic Neutrals no lines

Focal Point, recolored in EQ7 using Chic Neutrals fabric from Amy Ellis


Focal Point, made by Amy Garro

Lightning and backing

Lightning, made by me
Bonus backing tutorial from Martingale
Juried into Road to California 2016

lightning_leannePink, made by Leanne Chahley

Candy_PopCandy Pop, made by me
Awarded 3rd Place, Applique at DQN 2016 Quilt Show


Candy Pop, made by Linda Hungerford

BrokenVBroken V, made by me


Broken V, made by Sharon McConnell


Facets, made by me
2nd Place Modern, AQS Paducah 2016
Juried into AQS Phoenix 2016
Quilt Along Blog Series 2016


Facets, made by Kristy Daum

Finals B1324.inddPearl Gray, made by me
1st Place Large, Single Maker, DQN 2016 Quilt Show


Pearl Gray, made by Alyce Blyth

 Click Here for Signed Copies of All 3 Books

Books by Christa Watson


My Interlinked Quilt Pattern is Now Available!

I’m thrilled to introduce a brand new quilt pattern called Interlinked.It’s one of my more modern quilts and was recently shown the QuiltCon Together online quilt show.

Click here to get the Interlinked PDF Quilt Pattern

Interlinked Quilt by Christa WatsonInterlinked Quilt by Christa Watson, 64″ x 80″
Made from neutrals of Fandangle, Geo Pop, and Gridwork

I love making all kinds of quilts and most of my designs fall on the “Modern Traditional” side of things. But with Interlinked, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and really embrace modern principles like “minimalism” and “negative space.”

Interlinked Quilt by Christa Watson
The most fun part about making this quilt was combining neutrals from several of my fabric lines. I love how they all work together!

Get the Kit!

When I shared sneak peeks of me making this quilt a few months ago, I immediately got requests for kits once the pattern was available. So I’m happy to announce that kits are now in stock and ready to ship over  at shop.ChristaQuilts.com.

Interlinked Quilt by Christa Watson

Click here to get the interlinked quilt kit (fabric only) while supplies last.

The PDF pattern can be found in my Etsy shop and it includes easy to follow step by step  instructions. I’ve also included an option for adding borders, several alternate colorways and machine quilting suggestions. I threw in a coloring page, too – so you can play around with different colorways to your heart’s content!

Interlinked Quilt by Christa Watson

The quilt is actually really quick and easy to make and you can have fun with the quilting just like I did. I quilted a different geometric design in each fabric of the quilt and it was so fun putting this one together. It’s the first time I’ve made a quilt from my fabrics where I’ve used more than one collection and I really enjoyed the freedom of doing that!

Interlinked Free Motion Quilt Detail

Interlinked free-motion quilting detail – click image above to enlarge.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all these fun pics and I can’t wait to see your version of the quilt. When you make it, please use the hashtag #interlinkedquilt on social media so I can cheer you on!

Where to Buy


Interlinked quilt pattern by Christa Watson of Christa Quilts


Get This Book by Heather Black: Design, Make, Quilt Modern

My BQF (Best Quilty Friend) Heather Black of Quiltachusetts just wrote her 2nd book, Design, Make, Quilt Modern and I enjoyed reading it from cover to cover!

Design Make Quilt Modern by Heather Black

The book includes wonderful explanations of her design process including how the quilting can affect the look of the quilt, plus so much more useful info, especially if you enjoy designing your own quilts.

As a bonus, the book also includes 4 modern quilt patterns for you to make. They are:

#1 Grounded – I love how Heather explains her reasoning on why this quilt only has borders on 3 sides. At first you don’t notice it but when you read her explanation it makes total sense. When you see the step-by-step process she used to design this quilt, you’ll be amazed at how and why it looks so fabulous!

Grounded Quilt by Heather Black

#2  Moving Through – Heather always constantly amazes me with her color choices in her quilts. And the machine quilting is always superb. I love her trick of quilting a different machine quilting motif in each color of the quilt! But it’s done with purpose rather than random which results in a truly stunning quilt!

Moving Through by Heather Black#3 Misprint – This is one of my all-time favorites and I learned so much about design from this quilt. In her book, Heather goes over the rule of thirds and clearly explains how to effectively achieve an asymmetrical design. It’s all about balance!

Misprint by Heather Black

#4 Around Town –  This is another knock-your-socks-off modern design that uses tried and true design principles such as odd numbers of groupings and a hidden grid layout to achieve incredible results. Heather has a style that I really gravitate towards and I just love her bold, geometric designs!

Heather also includes a bit about binding and backing choices which can really make a difference in the overall success of your design.

Around Town by Heather Black

Aren’t these just stunning? Here’s a quote  from Heather that I really like:

“One of my favorite topics to teach on is quilt design and one of the themes I try to communicate in both my lectures and in my new book is that anyone can design a quilt that is uniquely them. All it takes is a curiosity about design. My book takes you through finding what you like and exploring design in your everyday life to applying that design to your inspiration and finally making the inspiration reality.”

I highly recommend Design, Make, Quilt Modern not only for the patterns, but also for the fabulous lessons in design.

Design Make Quilt Modern by Heather Black

Click here to preorder your signed copy from Heather Black which releases on February 25, 2021. You won’t be disappointed!

QuiltCon Together Begins Feb 18, 2021 – See My Schedule of Events!

I’m very excited about QuiltCon Together, the annual event presented by The Modern Quilt Guild. So far, I’ve been to every show and I’ve had a quilt in every show, too. Even though this year’s event is virtual, I still wouldn’t miss it. Here’s where you can find me – and my quilts – online from February 18-22, 2021.

QuiltCon Together 2021

My Workshops

Carefree Walking Foot Quilting (On Demand) – Sold Out
Carefree Free-Motion Quilting (On Demand) – Click here to register for DSMQ009

My Walking foot quilting class is completely sold out. However, as of this writing I still have room in my Carefree Free-Motion Quilting workshop. These classes are the next best thing to being live in person. They’ve been pre-recorded and you’ll have access to them the entire length of the show. That means you can view them on your schedule and then pause to do the “homework” given in each class.

There’s an “enhanced” option meaning that students have the option of meeting with me live online in a small group setting to get additional help on anything they need from in class.

Free Motion Quilting

Click here to register for my Free Motion Quilting class at Quiltcon Together.

My Lectures


#1 BERNINA LIVE 2/18 at 10:30 – FREE for QuiltCon participants

I’m kicking off the event first thing on Thursday morning, February, 18th at 10:30 AM Central time with a live presentation sponsored by BERNINA. It will be about 30 minutes of me chatting about my favorite machine feet for quilting. Following that, I’ll stick around for about an hour to chat with everyone and answer any questions you may have. Best of all, this event is FREE for all QuiltCon attendees. So be sure to pop over to the vitrual BERNINA booth that morning and join the fun!!

#2 Quilt Perspectives Panel 2/20 at 11:00

Join me and industry experts Riane Menardi Morrison, Sandra Johnson and Tia Curtis as we chat about all things machine quilting. This will be another live event that you can register for separately, or as part of an all access lecture pass.

#3 How Do I Quilt It Lecture 2/21 at 5 PM

I’m excited to be presenting my ever popular lecture “How Do I Quilt It” at QuiltCon Together. It will be shown on Sunday, February 21 at 5 PM Central Time. It also includes a Q&A live chat so that you can better understand the material presented. Through the magic of technology I’ll also be answering your questions live during the pre-recorded presentation.

My Quilts In the Show

I’m thrilled to have 2 quilts in the virtual show this year. The first one is a brand new design called “Pixie Stix” that in included in this year’s version of QuiltCon Magazine.

Pixie Stix by Christa Quiltss

Click here to get QuiltCon Magazine 2021 for the Pixie Stix Quilt Pattern

Pixe Stix is made from a fat quarter bundle of my Good Vibes low volume fabric plus the Bedazzled print in dark gray for the background and binding.

Good Vibes by Christa Watson

Click here to get my Good Vibes Low Volume prints.

It was fun to design and make this quilt and there’s a bonus article in the magazine all about my design process and different versions I came up with until I settled on the final layout.

Pixie Stix QuiltCon Magazine

My other quilt in the show is called “Interlinked” which was patterned in Make Modern Magazine isue #34 last year. This is one of those “try, try again” situations. I actually submitted it to QuiltCon last year and it didn’t get in. But this year it did – so you just never know how things will turn out!

Interlinked Quilt by Christa Watson

Click here to get issue #34 of Make Modern Magazine for the Interlinked Quilt Pattern

I’m currently in the process of updating the Interlinked pattern with more information and hope to release the PDF version along with some kits, soon. So be on the lookout for that in a few weeks!

My Newest Book is Now Available: 99 Machine Quilting Designs!

I’m thrilled that my 4th book has now officially been released and I have a signed copy waiting for you! Take a look at my newest pride and joy called 99 Machine Quilting Designs from Martingale/That Patchwork Place.

99 Machine Quilting Designs

Click here to get your signed copy of 99 Machine Quilting Designs

As an author, it’s been great fun to open up boxes and boxes of my brand new book and get it out into the world.

99 Machine Quilting Designs includes a detailed photo, illustrated diagram, and step-by-step instructions on how to quilt 99 different machine quilting motifs, using walking foot AND free-motion techniques. I wrote the book from the perspective of a domestic machine quilter, but most of the designs will translate well to longarm quilting, too!

Here’s an example of one of the walking-foot designs from the book:

99 Machine Quilting Designs by Christa Watson

And here’s an example of just one of the dozens of free motion ideas in the book:

99 Machine Quilting Designs by Christa Watson

Each of the 99 designs also includes a variation to try, so it’s really like 198 designs in all! Plus there’s space on each page for you to practice your doodles and take notes right in the book! My hope is for you to get better at machine quilting by practicing as often as you can.

Here’s a video sneak peek of the book:

To make things even more fun, I created a bunch of cute buttons to promote the book, and I’m including one with each order, along with a signed message from me.

Machine Quilting buttons

Click here to get your  bonus button + signed copy of the book!

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already snagged your copy, you can click here to order 99 Machine Quilting Designs. Leave a note with your order if you’d like it personalized with your name, or as a gift for a friend. I PROMISE it will make you a better machine quilter!!

99 machine quilting designs

As always, thanks for your support, and happy machine quilting!!